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How to Geocache Like a Pro

How to Geocache

Join the geocaching movement!

Geocaching has taken the world by storm in recent years. For those of you scratching your heads, geocaching is a recreational outdoor activity whereby people hide boxes – called ‘caches’ – in different locations for other people to find using GPS. Each cache contains a logbook along with some knick-knacks for trading. Pretty cool, huh?

You might think of geocaching as a relatively new phenomenon, but it’s basically just an updated version of a popular pastime known as letterboxing, with the addition of tech. And the great thing about geocaching is that is encourages people to get outdoors, embrace adventure and explore lots of beautiful, intriguing new places. You in?

There are over 2.5 million geocaches worldwide.

In fact, you’re probably near a few right now. To get started, you need to create an account with a website such as geocaching.com. Once you’re signed up, you search for a location, click the geocache/s you want to find, plug the coordinates into your GPS and go, go, go!

When you find the cache, fill in the logbook with the date, your geocache username and additional comments about your experience. The cache might contain some treats which you can trade-in for your own goodies. Then, when you return home you can log your find on the website and share some tips with fellow geocachers.

Ready to go geocache?

Here are some tips:

– Caches aren’t always simple, square boxes. They vary in size, shape and difficulty. We’ve seen caches disguised as rocks, hidden in pre-cut logs and driven into nuts and bolts, so be prepared to do some serious searching.

– The difficulty and terrain of each cache is rated on a scale of 1-5 (1 = easy; 5 = extremely tough). If you’re a newbie, start simple and work your way up.

– Geocaches are hidden and are never buried, so put that spade back down!

– Before you set off, write down the size of the cache you’re looking for (micro/small/regular) and any advice given by people who have previously found the cache. This’ll seriously help you out on your quest.

– If you’re venturing somewhere new, use maps to check the surrounding area and terrain and dress/pack accordingly. For instance, if you know you need to trek 40 minutes up a hill to find your cache, you’ll know to wear your walking boots and pack a bottle of water!

– If you’re thinking of trading an item, it should be equal or greater in value than the item you’re taking from the cache. Be fair and honest, don’t take an item without putting one back and bear in mind some caches have themes you need to stick to.

– When you find the cache, make a note or sketch how it was hidden so you can replace it in the exact same position when you’re done.

– Most of the caches are hidden in stunning locations. Take time to stop, breathe in the fresh air and soak in the scenery!

…Now, where to go? After checking out local caches, you might want to give the following places a visit, all of which are National Trust sites:

Newark Park, Gloucestershire: There are nine hidden caches in Newark Park, which overlooks the picturesque Ozleworth Valley, the Mendips and beyond.

Wicken Fen, Cambridgeshire: Four family-friendly caches are hidden in the grounds of Wicken Fen, all of which have a wildlife/habitat theme. In each cache you’ll find a suggestion for an activity all the family can get involved in.

Tyntesfield, Bristol: This is one of the National Trust’s first geocaching sites. The six caches all contain interesting information on the area’s rich history and facts about how the National Trust is helping to look after the surrounding woodland.

Roseberry Topping, North Yorkshire: An iconic hill straddling the North York Moors, Roseberry Topping is home to three hidden caches spread across Newton Wood, Cliff Ridge Wood and Roseberry itself. These three caches will give you clues to where a fourth cache, located on Newton Moore, can be found.

If you’re already a geocache pro and have your own tips or suggestions on where to go geocaching, we’d love to know!

Why not check out #ShareAdventure for more ideas on what to do this summer? Plus, be inspired by real-life stories from people across the UK and you could win amazing adventurous gear, including GPS watches, compasses and more from Suunto!

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Adventures On Your Doorstep


There are many people who assume that great adventures can only be had by packing their bags and jetting off to some faraway destination, but there’s so much to discover in the UK.

When they think of adventure, they think of climbing the Himalayas, scuba diving Australia’s Gold Coast, exploring Borneo’s wild rainforests, or heading to New Zealand’s south island to check out anything and everything adrenaline-filled.

While we’re not denying that there are some great adventures on offer across the globe, we think that the very best adventures are right on our doorstep! Yes, we may be a small island. No, we don’t benefit from a tropical climate and year-round sunshine. But, so what?! The glorious UK has so much on offer – we’ve got monstrous mountains to climb, we’ve got superb seas to sail and surf, we’ve got fantastic forests to explore, and so much more.

You don’t need to travel thousands of miles to get your adventure fix. Save yourself time and money by adventuring here in the UK! Here are some suggestions:

Go caving…in the Yorkshire Dales

Grab yourself a helmet, head torch and chest harness and explore the deep, dark depths of the Yorkshire Dales’ spectacular caves. Be sure to check out Gaping Gill; a unique landmark of the county and one of the UK’s longest and most complex cave systems. It holds the records for the tallest unbroken waterfall in England and as the water falls, it mysteriously disappears through the rocky surface. Magical.

Go cycling…from sea to sea

Feeling fit? How does a 140-mile cycle trip sound? This popular sea to sea (C2C) route, completed by around 12,800 – 15,000 people each year, starts in Whitehaven on the Irish Sea and ends in Tynemouth on the North Sea. The route takes you through the Lake District, Eden Valley and Northern Pennines. You’ll pass industrial towns and mountain villages, along with miles and miles of baron moorland. Just make sure you’ve got a comfy saddle.

Go camping…In Dartmoor

Instead of heading to a campsite this summer, why not give wild camping a try? Dartmoor is the only place in England where it’s legal and there are some rules about where you can pitch up. Find your spot, set up camp, make a fire and spend your night under the stars with the wildlife, away from all the humdrum. Bliss.

Be inspired by Sandra’s adventure across the 3 peaks.

Go hiking…In Snowdonia

Spanning over 800 square miles, Snowdonia in North Wales is as vast as it is beautiful. It’s also home to Wales’ tallest mountain, Snowdon, standing at 1,085 metres above sea level. Many (brave) people head here for the Wales 3000s Challenge, where the task is to climb to the top of 15 peaks over 3,000 ft. within 24 hours. Think you’ve got what it takes?

Check out what Tamalyn Roberts gets up to in Snowdonia.

Go surfing…in the Gower

Though just a few miles from the busy city of Swansea, the Gower is a peaceful retreat for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle. And its best kept secret? Its beaches boast some of the UK’s biggest and best waves, ideal for those who like to partake in water sports.

Naomi discovered ancient ruins on her trip to the Gower, see her photos here.


Need more inspiration?

Head over to #ShareAdventure and read real-life stories from people across the UK. Be inspired and start making plans with family and friends this summer. What’s more, you could win amazing adventurous prizes, including a £1,600 weekend break with Forest Holidays!

Dedicate Time To Exploration…

Celebrate Adventure and Explore

Children learn a lot through playing and exploring, whether it’s with their friends or on their own. But, who says exploration is just for kids?!

That’s right… adults, too, can explore and have some fun whilst doing it! As human beings we never stop learning; it doesn’t matter if we’re two, 22 or 52 years old. Playful exploration is all about trying new things, letting our hair down and enjoying ourselves – strictly no age restrictions apply!

Exploring doesn’t just mean packing your bags and travelling to a place you’ve never visited before.

Exploring simply means trying something new, whether that ‘something new’ is a hobby, sport, language or restaurant (the list goes on…).

In our opinion, exploring is less about discovering new places and more about discovering who you really are. By living life adventurously and constantly trying new things, you are exploring your potential, skills and limits. Exploring means stepping out of your so-called comfort zone and discovering what you’re truly capable of.

Only if you try new things will you be able to learn more about yourself – your likes and your dislikes. You’ll be able to learn what you’re good at, and what you’re not so good at. You may even unearth a hidden talent or two that may have otherwise gone unnoticed!

Exploring is all about getting up and doing something with our lives. When we get home from a long day at work, many of us are guilty of switching on the TV, laying horizontal on our sofas and not moving for a good few hours. Our eyes are fixed to the screen, until a rumbling in our stomachs pulls us to the kitchen. We’re so caught-up in work and other things that we forget to have fun.

Instead of sofa surfing, why not dedicate that time to playful exploration?

Of course, we all need to chill out from time to time but why not try, just a couple of times a week, to do something a little out of the ordinary?

You could don your finest apron and attempt cooking a meal you’ve never made before for your loved one. You could round-up your friends and organise an evening class, or finally sign-up to that yoga class down the road. You could even get in contact with your nearest and dearest to see who’s up for an afternoon in the trees at Go Ape!

Exploration Inspiration

Sometimes thinking of these things can be a little tricky, so grab a pen and some paper and list all the things you want to try out. Then, work your way through your list, ticking as you go.

We at Go Ape think that exploration makes for a richer life. As the saying goes, “if you never try you’ll never know.” If you never try new things, you’ll never know what you’re truly capable of. So go on, get out there and explore!

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