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Christmas holiday hacks: top tips from the team

Christmas Hacks

Christmas should be a relaxed, merry old time of year; but, for many, it’s a period of intense stress – shopping, cooking, organising and juggling nativity plays with work parties, all whilst trying to keep every member of the tribe happy.

Does it make your palms sweat just thinking about it? Take into account the extra dent it makes on your December pay check, and it’s no wonder some of us experience a festive burnout.

However, we like to think the little things, when put together, can make a big difference. So, to help inject a bit of creative fun back into Chrimbo, save money and reduce stress, the team at Go Ape have compiled the following yuletide hacks…

Bulk up

Is your tree a little bare and patchy in places? Give the illusion of a full and bushy festive tree by using green tinsel or artificial pine garland and wrapping it around the inner branches – once covered in plenty of decs and twinkly lights, no one will ever know! We won’t tell – promise.

Festive aromas

Make your home smell of Christmas. How? By simply boiling cloves and cinnamon sticks in a pan! The fragrance will soon fill each room, and your guests will feel instantly warm and fuzzy inside!

Chop it up

Naturally, we think the most beautiful decorations are wooden ones. Chop the trunk of your Christmas tree into “slices”, get all the family to decorate their own (write the year on it so you can remember ‘Christmas 2015’ in years to come), and attach some red or green ribbon. Voila! Free Christmas decs.

Napkin origami

Another tree-themed hack here: this time, you can work a bit of origami napkin magic and fold them into Christmas tree shapes, complete with a mini bauble on top. It’ll save you buying special festive napkins or napkin rings!

Branch out

If you need to trim your Christmas tree in places, don’t throw the cuttings into the bin! Instead, use them as stylish and minimalist features by placing the cut branches into glass vases half-filled with water. Simple, elegant and Christmassy – what’s not to love?

Candy Cane Placecard HoldersCandy card holders

Secure three mini candy canes together, place with the round sides down and use either as name place holders or to inform your tribe of the food they are about to devour on your spread. A really fun idea!

Festive snacks

For a platter of nibbles with a twist, why not create Christmas-tree inspired pitta breads that are as delicious as they are festive? Cut toasted pittas into triangles, top with homemade guacamole and diced red peppers and place a stick of pretzel into the bottom (the tree trunk). Yum!

So, there you have it: a selection of our favourite Christmas hacks. While we can’t promise they’ll stop Crazy Aunt Maude drinking more than her fair share of brandy or the turkey burning to a crisp, they could just make your life a fraction easier and – more importantly – you should have a lot of fun in the process!

What to wear, whatever the weather


OK, it’s still a little sunny, but this time of year is a nightmare when it comes to knowing what to wear.

The weather blows hot and cold more frequently than a tempestuous relationship – one minute we think we’re finally having the Indian summer we were promised, and the next we’re wrapping up in chunky knits and winter boots as the ice-cold wind threatens to give us frostbite.

It’s easy to know what to wear in the summer: a pair of shorts and a t-shirt tend to do the trick. But come October, we feel like we need to haul around our entire wardrobe to prepare for any eventuality the sky decides to throw at us.

When the weather is grey, anything could happen: it could mean a light drizzle, it could be that the heavens will open, or it could just be a rather gloomy day. Whatever it decides to do, bring it on! So, in light (or should we say, dark) of that, we have put together some top tips for grey weather attire:

Forest-Segway-Go-ApeGo bright or go home

When the sky is looking bleak, the last thing you want to do is camouflage with it by wearing grey yourself. Summer is over, but that doesn’t mean you have to say no to neon! Bright and bold gear is all the rage at the moment, and when you’re swinging through the tree tops at Go Ape, you’ll appreciate being able to spot your chums from a distance. It’s always wise to invest in the odd high-vis garment, as you can wear them for all your future outdoor pursuits.

Don’t forget your waterproofs

Just because it’s not raining when you leave the house doesn’t mean there won’t be a downpour at some point in the day! With so many lightweight, packable waterproofs around these days, you can easily fit a mac into your bag. Trust us, it could come in handy!

Embrace the layers

Remember: you can take away, but if you don’t pack them with you – you can’t add! It’s best to start the day with plenty of layers: perhaps a vest, a long-sleeved t-shirt, a fleece and a body-warmer – and then peel off the garments as you get warmer. When you visit Go Ape, you should get nice and toasty quickly; without realising you’re exercising, you’ll be burning anything from 500 to 700 calories – all that crawling, swinging, climbing and hollering sure works up a sweat!

Look after your fingers

Gloves are always a good idea in the autumn/winter months – they protect your hands from the elements, they can stylishly match with your hat/scarf ensemble and, when tackling the high ropes at Go Ape, they will really protect your hands. Don’t worry if you forget them though – we sell them in the cabin.

Dress your feet sensibly

Now this is an important one: whatever the weather (even if it’s sunny!), you should always wear closed-toe, flat footwear with a good grip. If we were you, we’d go for ankle-supporting boots. Definite no-nos are sandals, flip-flops, or any kind of slip-off shoe. And leave the stilettos at home!

Luckily, Go Ape is the perfect wet weather activity! Our 28 courses are open in all conditions, with the exception of lightening, storms, high winds and ice (for obvious reasons!). A bit of rain never hurt anyone – although it makes the course slightly muddier than usual, this just adds to the fun!

Little-known tips and tricks for the ultimate zip trek

Zip Trekking Adventure

If you’ve been keeping up-to-date with everything Go Ape, you’ll know that last year we opened our first-ever Zip Trekking Adventure in Grizedale Forest.

If you fancy getting a bird’s eye view of the forest, soaring above trees and swooping through lush green valleys, this is the adventure for you. No other obstacles, just zip, after zip, after zip, after zip, after zip (there are 7 in total, covering a whopping 3km).

So, fancy a go? Of course you do. But, before venturing off to Grizedale and embarking on your sky-high adventure, check out these little-known tips and tricks for the ultimate zip trek:

One step for man…

…one giant LEAP for Go Ape-rs! Hands down the best way to kick-off your Zip Trekking Adventure is by stepping off the first platform. And while you’re at it, why not impress your mates by unleashing your biggest and best Tarzan holler!?

Having a ball

Instead of leaving your legs to dangle aimlessly, try tucking them up into your chest and forming a ball shape. You’re bound to pick up some speed doing this – just be sure to let go as you approach the end.

Open your eyes!

Don’t scrunch those eyes shut in fear – open them and appreciate your spectacular surroundings! As you soar through the sky the landscape beneath you will be constantly shifting; one second you’ll be descending down a valley, the next you’ll find yourself traversing the forest’s towering Douglas Firs. Oh, and there’s also another reason we recommend keeping your eyes open…

Brace for (barky) impact!

Now, don’t go enjoying yourself so much that you forget to brace for impact! As that big mound of cushiony woodchip comes up to greet you, start the running motion with your legs. Hopefully, this’ll mean you land on two feet, but there’s bound to be a couple of times you don’t. In fact, by the time the adventure is finished, most people find that they have amassed a significant amount of woodchip – in their hair, tucked in their socks, in their pockets and down their pants. You might want to have a serious shakedown before returning to your car.


Recording a video of your adventure is a great way for you to re-live your experience and show off to your mates! We allow cameras in the tree-tops so long as they’re attached to your person. And speaking from experience, GoPro cams are the best way to capture your adventure – they can be mounted onto your helmet, leaving you hands-free so you can throw your arms into the air as you zip!

Been there, done that? If you’ve already been on a Zip Trekking Adventure and consider yourself a pro, why not share your own tips and tricks with us? If you’ve got some videos or snaps, you can share those with us too via our Facebook page.

Celebrate Your Adventurous Side!

#CelebrateAdventure | Go Ape

Each and every one of us has an adventurous side. And if you’re sat there shaking your head, trust us – you do have an adventurous side, you just haven’t discovered it yet!

The dictionary definition of an adventure is an “exciting or unusual experience.” Being adventurous means that you regularly involve yourself in exciting and unusual experiences – you take risks, you enjoy trying new things, meeting new people and visiting new places. Being adventurous means living life to the full.

Of course, the Go Ape tribe are big on adventure. We thrive on it. Come discover why we’re celebrating adventure this spring.

For us, nothing beats getting outdoors and trying something new. It’s that pulse-pumping, ‘oh my gosh, what am I doing?’ kind of buzz you get from trying something for the first time. And once you develop that thirst for adventure, it’ll never go away.

With the weekend coming up, here are some ways you can get up, get out and celebrate your adventurous side!

Hit the road

Being adventurous is all about being spontaneous. So, round-up a few friends, pack a picnic and embark on a random road trip. Don’t plan, just drive! By not having a destination, you’ll discover new and intriguing places to explore. Just don’t forget to pack the sat nav for the journey home.

Make friends

Meeting new people will open the doors to plenty of new experiences and adventures. This weekend, make a conscious effort to talk to someone new. It may be the woman who sells you your morning paper, a neighbour, or someone at your yoga club. Many people feel nervous meeting new people for the first time but remember, even your closest friends were strangers once.

Embrace the present

“I’ll learn a new language next year,” “I’ll start writing a blog next month,” “I might try that new restaurant next week.” Stop! You need to start living life in the present, which means replacing ‘next year,’ ‘next month’ and ‘next week’ with ‘today’!

Scare yourself

This weekend, plan or do something that takes you out of your comfort zone. It doesn’t need to involve extreme sports such as sky diving, bungee jumping or white water rafting; it can be something much simpler such as singing karaoke with a mate on Saturday night, watching a scary film, or finally asking that one person out for a drink.

Go Ape

Of course, this list would be incomplete without mentioning Go Ape. Celebrate your adventurous side by unleashing your inner Tarzan at one of our tree-top courses! It may your first time there, you may be looking to conquer your fear of heights, or meet some new people. Whatever your reason, a trip to Go Ape is a great way to celebrate your adventurous side!

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