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Build their confidence with Tree Top Junior

High Ropes for Kids

No one loves adventure more than kids, which is why we created a unique Go Ape course just for them (besides, it’s not fair for the adults to have all the fun!).

A Tree Top Junior Adventure involves up to 60 minutes of canopy exploring, where kids get to take on a range of tree-mendous obstacles. They’ll wobble across bridges, clamber across nets, crawl through tunnels and finish on a high with an awesome zip wire!

Our tree-top adventures are great fun (if we do say so ourselves) but that’s not all. For kids, rising – quite literally – to the challenge of a slightly scary sky-high obstacle course is great for building their confidence.

Clambering up into the trees is no easy feat – and it always feels higher when you’re at the top. If your little one has never swung with us before, they’re likely to react in one of three ways upon first laying their eyes on the course: they’ll gulp, gasp, or shout out an elongated “aweessooommee!”

The Go Ape tribe have heard a lot of gulps and gasps in the past, from kids and adults alike. That’s why we’ve become expertly trained at supporting people with nervous dispositions and helping them to conquer their fear of heights once and for all.

Kids Tree Top Junior CourseIt’s perfectly normal for your kid’s legs to wobble as they make their way up the first ladder.

They might even turn around and give you the “I-don’t-know-if-I-want-to-do-this” face. But it’s important to encourage them to keep climbing; to tell them that they’ll love it when they reach the top and start tackling the obstacles. You need to give them the push they need (in a figurative sense, of course!).

We find that even the bordering-on-no-way kids enjoy themselves once they’re up in the trees. Once they start swinging on stirrups and practising their tightrope skills, all of a sudden their inner Tarzans will be unleashed and they’ll start embracing the fact they’re way up high! Life on solid ground? Boring!

The truth is, kids who feel a little nervous to start with often feel a greater sense of achievement after completing the course.

They are often the ones that, after landing in a soft pile of woodchip after whizzing down the final zip, turn to their mum, dad or grandparent and say, “When can we come again?!”

A Tree Top Junior Adventure will help build your kid’s confidence, but not just in terms of feeling comfortable with heights. Confidence is transferable, meaning if they build confidence on our obstacle course, it’ll help them to feel more confident in other life situations. It might give them the encouragement they need to audition for the lead role in the school play, to join the local football team, or to take up piano lessons. It’s all about helping your little one adopt a ‘can do’ attitude – which, let’s admit, is important no matter how old you are!

Tips for planning the perfect party

Go Ape Kids Parties

So, it’s your little one’s birthday in a few weeks’ time and you’re panicking because you still haven’t planned how you’re going to celebrate it.

Well, fear not – Go Ape is here to help! (*Phew*). We’ve put together some tips for throwing an awesome party that your little one (and all their friends) will remember for years to come. Candles and cake at the ready…

Fancy dress

From Hogwarts wizards to Disney princesses, kids love to play dress up. So, why not let your little one pick the dress code for their party? Just don’t forget to tell the other parents what it is!

Set a theme

Themed parties are the best parties. Some ideas include a beach party (think food served in buckets and beach ball piñatas); a teddy bear’s picnic (with tartan rugs and a game of teddy bear hide ‘n’ seek); or a camping party (you supply tents, torches and marshmallows for toasting on a supervised campfire).

Limit numbers

When it comes to invitees, less is more (though that does mean less prezzies, which your kid might have something to say about). Having 20 or 30 kids to meet and greet can be overwhelming for the party boy or girl, so just invite a handful of their closest friends.

Seek help

If you’re more of a ‘sit out’ parent, it’s not cheating if you enlist the help of another adult! From magicians and fairies to clowns and pirates, a children’s entertainer will do all the work, so you don’t have to! (Note: you might want to check none of the kids are going to start bawling at the sight of a clown).

Go Ape Birthday PartyGo old school

There’s a reason why we remember playing sleeping lions, musical chairs and pass the parcel when we were young: because they were super fun! And the added bonus is that you don’t need much in the way of equipment – simple!

Go Ape!

For a guaranteed ‘never-to-be-forgotten’ birthday party, Go Ape! For just £18 per head, your little one and their friends get to enjoy an hour of canopy exploring, trail blazing and obstacles. If you want, you can add extras to your do such as party bags for the kids, a special t-shirt for the birthday boy or girl, or use of our forest shelter where your little one can blow out the candles. (PS. Tarzan/monkey fancy dress is not essential but strongly recommended!).

Tree Top Junior Southampton now open!

Tree Top Junior Southampton

With the Easter holidays just around the corner, what better time to test out a brand new Go Ape course designed for mini Tarzans!?

Our 16th Tree Top Junior Adventure has landed at Go Ape Southampton and is officially open for monkey business! You’ll find the course in Itchen Valley Country Park, nestled amidst 440 acres of beautiful woodland and meadows.

If you and your little ones have never swung with us before, here’s the low-down: our Tree Top Junior courses are designed for little monkeys aged between 6 and 12 years old. Clambering up into the tree tops, they’ll get to enjoy a fun-filled hour negotiating all types of obstacles, from wobbly bridges to shaky tightropes and scrambling nets. And to finish off their adventure, they get to whizz down an awesome zip wire and make a super soft landing in a pile of woodchip!

Every single one of our courses is completely unique and Tree Top Junior Southampton is no exception. Here are the stats:

– Number of crossings: 25

– Length of crossings: 225 metres

– Highest platform: 8 metres

– Length of zip wire: 80 metres

…And don’t worry parents, you can have fun too! Go Ape Southampton is also home to one of our award-winning Tree Top Adventure courses, which bagged the Silver Award in the ‘Beautiful South’ Small Visitor Attraction of the Year competition.

Go Ape is the perfect family day out as all ages can enjoy unleashing their inner Tarzans! Tree Top Juniors cost £18 while our Tree Top Adventure costs £26 for baboons aged 10-15 (over 1.4m) and £33 for gorillas aged 16 and up.

Phil and his hairy tribe can’t wait to welcome you to Go Ape and show you the high ropes. Book now and be one of the first to test out our brand new Tree Top Junior course!Go Ape Southampton Team

Unforgettable Adventurous School Trips

Go Ape School Trips

What was the best school trip you went on as a kid?

Perhaps it was when you explored ancient ruins, or learned all the different species of wildlife at a nature reserve. Or it could have been the time you played king or queen for the day at a medieval castle, or when you hit the slopes with your classmates on a weekend ski trip.

The school trips we remember are the ones that involved adventure in some form. They involved fun – we enjoyed ourselves, we saw new sights and experienced new things. And that’s why we believe Go Ape is perfect for a school trip; kids get to have fun with their classmates whilst learning a thing or two at the same time!

Tree Top Junior School TripsSchool trips at Go Ape are educational AND adventurous.

Heading up into the tree tops, kids will get to unleash their inner Tarzans. They’ll clamber across nets, wobble across bridges, leap off platforms and whizz down zip wires – and they’ll do so with their best pals by their side (or, rather, standing on the platform giving them moral support).

A Go Ape adventure is a chance for kids to get out of the classroom and into the great outdoors. It’s a chance for them to connect with nature, to get some fresh air in their lungs and to enjoy this beautiful springtime weather!

You might be wondering how a Tree Top Junior experience can be educational. Well, when kids are up in the trees tackling a variety of obstacles together, this is helping to improve skills such as communication and collaboration between one another. And skills such as these are important when it comes to classroom cohesion.

Perhaps more importantly, a trip to Go Ape can be a great confidence-booster for kids.

From our experience, most kids arrive to us feeling a little apprehensive (most adults do, too!), but all leave with huge grins on their faces. It’s a scary thing, moving skyward with just a harness to hold you in place, but it won’t be long until kids (quite literally) get into the swing of things. A Tree Top Junior course enables them to discover their true potential – you can expect at least half of your class to yell “I did it!” as they whizz down the final zip wire!

School Trips with Go ApeA Go Ape adventure also helps to promote a healthy lifestyle and teaches kids all about the wonders of the great outdoors. We don’t want kids to become a generation of Xbox addicts; we want to open their eyes to the wonders of nature and inspire them to get out there and live life adventurously!

Sticking on the educational theme, with the help of practising teachers we’ve put together a range of imaginative and stimulating learning resources which fall in-line with the National Curriculum. Our school packs feature ideas for in and out of the classroom, and ideas for how you can make the most of your Go Ape adventure.

Kids over 1 metre tall are able to enjoy a Tree Top Junior and if you’re a teacher, you can choose to join your tribe or watch from down below! Our adventure costs just £13 per pupil, go on, request a schools pack now and start planning your next outing.

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