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What to do when it’s windy!

Go Ape Zip Trekking Adventure

The UK has certainly had its fair share of windy weather this winter.

Some days the breeze is so gentle it barely tickles the back of your neck, while other days the blizzardy gales have us holding on to our hats and scarfs as soon as we step out the house!

When it comes to wind, though, we’re big fans (pun intended). Wind is responsible for some pretty awesome stuff – for instance, just this week passers-by caught footage of wind making a waterfall fall backwards on the island of Mull in Scotland!

Sure, the wind might give us some whacky hairdos, and it can be quite annoying chasing the recycling bin as it cartwheels down the road. But there are also plenty of pros: the wind dries our laundry, keeps us cool, supplies us with pollution-free energy and enables us to enjoy sports such as windsurfing!

So, the next time you peer out the window and notice the trees vigorously swaying back and forth, instead of closing the curtains and hibernating why not wrap-up warm, head outdoors and embrace the wind?! Here are some fun ideas of things you can do with your family:

Cloud gaze

If it’s windy, chances are the sky will be dotted with white, fluffy clouds shape-shifting across the sky. Lie down and look up – can you or your kids spot any shapes?!

Fly a kite

“Let’s go fly a kite, up to the highest height…” Kites were made for windy days (literally), so head to a local park with your little ones where you can start perfecting those flying skills! Instead of buying a kite, why not try making one of your own? It’s simple (not to mention more fun) – take a look at this wikiHow guide.

Make a windmill

Twirly-whirly windmills make a great addition to any back garden and they can be appreciated from inside the house, too! Your kids are bound to love making their own – check out this video for some inspiration.

Make wind chimes

Continuing the DIY theme, if you’ve got any spare jar lids, metal cans and/or beads lying about, why not use them to make a pretty wind chime? In fact, you can make a wind chime from almost anything, so long as it makes a noise when the wind blows! Your little ones might enjoy scavenging for materials – take a look at these awesome designs.

Go sailing

Not fortunate enough to own your own sailing boat? Fear not – you and your littles ones can build some model-sized boats instead! Experiment with different designs (such as these), bearing in mind that some of them might not float when you place them in the pond. (You might want to check if the boats sink or float in the bathtub first!).

Try a windsport!

Feeling adventurous? If the answer’s ‘yes,’ why not treat your kids to a day out trying a windsport? There are plenty of wind-powered activities to choose from, whether it’s windsurfing, kite buggying, or more extreme sports Zip Trekking Adventurelike hang-gliding and paragliding (age restrictions may apply).

When it’s not windy…

For that ultimate wind-in-your-face feeling, head to Go Ape in Grizedale where you’ll find out Zip Trekking Adventure. With a total 7 zip lines traversing the beautiful forest, you’ll be in the air for around two hours! To be able to fly, you must be over 13 years old, at least 1.4m tall and weigh 7 stone or more.

It’s Snow Joke

Snow in the Forest

Well, we’ve certainly got the weather for it but even so, there’s still not enough of the white stuff!

We’ve been sat here twiddling our thumbs in anticipation of some snow – we’ve dusted off our sleds and everything! Snow…where are you?!

Alright, so there are some parts of the UK that have already had some snow, but it’s yet to grace us with its frosty presence. The thing we love most about snow is that everyone can get outdoors and enjoy it. It doesn’t matter how old you are, it’s always acceptable to hurtle down a hill on top a scrap of cardboard!

Another great thing is that snow brings people together – mates meet up for a snowball fight whilst families make snow angels in their back gardens. And let’s not forget finding the spare woolly hat and scarf and heading outdoors to build a snowman.

When it comes to constructing icy masterpieces, people are becoming increasingly inventive. We’ve been scanning the web and have come across many creations that have amazed us, amused us, and even frightened us! Here are some snowman alternatives to try:

Lego Snowman

Impressive, huh? We suspect these kids’ parents have put in some serious snow sculpting practice over the years. And it’s certainly paid off…

Evil Snowman

It’s the stuff of nightmares – and probably not the snowman to build if you want your kids to sleep tonight.

Snow Cat

How about building a frozen friend for your pet? Be warned, though: your kitty might need some serious comforting when its pal turns to slush.

Snow Bird Feeder

Pretty and practical, if you can get over the fact the bird is essentially pecking at the snowman’s brains.

Snow Stormtrooper

Introducing Snowtrooper. If you’re a Star Wars buff, why not have a crack at building a snowy version of one of the characters? (Tip: Jabba the Hutt is a good place to start).

Snowman Eats Child

“Kids, this is what’ll happen if you misbehave at school.”

Cycling Snowman

Q: How do snowmen travel around? A: By b-icicle! Hats off to the creator of this sculpture, who has someone managed to keep the snowman and bike upright!

Snow Unicorn

What is more magical than a unicorn? A unicorn in the snow! Even more magical if you manage to find an icicle for its horn.

Snow Bed

All that snow sculpting is bound to tire you out. We can’t imagine napping on a bed of freezing cold snow is very comfortable, though…

So, are you feeling inspired? We certainly are. If and when the snow arrives, make sure you share pictures of your brrr-illiant snow sculptures with us!


Cold weather hacks you NEED to know

Winter at Go Ape

Yeah, alright, we get it. It’s cold. And it’s only going to get colder. But, we’ve got one thing to say to you, winter: Bring it on!

This weather can make even the most outdoorsy of people want to don their fluffy slipper socks and crash in front of the sofa. But, it’s time to turn that (frosty) frown upside down. To help you do that, we’ve compiled a list of 15 life hacks that’ll transform your winter from plain old brrr to brrr-illiant! You can thank us later…

1. Want to keep your feet and toes toasty? Get hold of some wool and cut out insole shapes for extra warmth.

2. Having to get the scraper out every morning can be a right pain in the neck. If you park your car facing east, the sun will help defrost your windscreen as it rises.

3. Here kitty, kitty! If your car gets stuck in the snow, putting cat litter under the tyres will help to get you moving again.

4. It may be great smothered on a bag of fish shop chips, but vinegar is also the solution to keeping your windshield free from ice. Grab yourself a spray bottle and fill it with one part water to two parts vinegar.

5. Heading out for a bike ride in the snow? Grab yourself a set of zip ties, thread them at even intervals around your tyres and voila, your own makeshift snow tyres!

6. Excessive wearing of your favourite woolly number can often lead to pilling. Getting rid of it is simple: buy a cheap razor and shave it off!

7. If you’re planning a winter’s walk but can’t remember where you last left your waterproof socks, sandwich bags are equally as rain-resistant! Put them around your feet before slipping into your shoes.

8. Battling a severe case of Seasonal Affective Disorder? Making the most of those sunshine hours will help boost your mood and keep you thinking positive. So wrap-up warm and get outdoors!

9. Our skin takes a battering during the cooler months. Applying ChapStick to cracked and dry knuckles will help soften the skin and relieve any discomfort. Keep one in your pocket at all times.

10. …And speaking of dry skin, although it might be tempting to take long, hot showers, minimising the time you spend in the bathroom and turning down the heat will help to keep skin soft.

11. Scarves in a tangle? Instead of shoving them in a drawer, loop them over trouser hangers and hang them up in your wardrobe.

12. The hot water bottle – an essential companion during these cold, winter months. Use it to warm up your bed before you go to sleep, or your clothes before you head out into the cold.

13. If you need another excuse to cook-up some tasty treats in the kitchen, here’s one: leaving the oven door open after use will help to keep your home warm. Just remember to turn it off.

14. If ice-cold air is entering your home through gaps in the doors, a cheap way to fix this is to buy some pipe insulation and fit it around the frame.

15. If snow gets serious this year, spray your shovel with cooking spray so the white stuff doesn’t stick to it. Use a broom to clear light snow from pathways.

If you’ve got any life hacks of your own to share, we’d love to hear them!

Get Your Kids Outdoors This Winter

Go Ape Winter Tree Top Junior

When it’s cold and grey outside, it’s always tempting to stay snuggled up on the sofa in your pyjamas with a mug of hot choccy in hand.

It’s difficult enough for you to muster up the energy to step outdoors, let alone convince your little ones to do the same.

Most of us spend all week cooped up indoors, be it in the office or school classroom. That’s why, when the weekend arrives, it’s important to savour every sun-shining second and embrace the great outdoors! Spending time outside the house is good for the body and soul; not only does it promote a healthy lifestyle and ensure your little ones are keeping active, but it also helps strengthen family bonds (so long as you join in!).

The amount of time kids spend outdoors has halved in one generation, says The Wild Network, a UK-based project aiming to get more children outside. Not only that, just 20% of kids aged under 12 have a connection with nature. In an age of smartphones, tablets and game consoles, children are becoming less and less exposed to the great outdoors – it’s time to make a change.

So, if convincing your little one to shift from the sofa has proved a struggle in the past, try these tricks:

Make it fun!

If you want to get your kids excited about a wintry outing, then you need to make it fun! Ask your little ones what they want to do – make a few suggestions and work together to draw up a list of activities.

Need inspiration?

How about a family mountain bike outing to a frosty forest, a wintertime nature trail or an evening toasting marshmallows around the campfire? Why not take a trip to Go Ape where you can monkey around in the trees and compete for who has the best Tarzan holler? And if it snows, then sledging, snow angels and a family snowball fight are all a must.

For more ideas why not check out ShareAdventure.co.uk – it’s packed full of real-life adventures from families across the UK.

Join in

You can’t sit there convincing your kids of the benefits of playing outdoors and not join in! This is a great opportunity to spend some fun, enriching family time with your little ones. Besides, making a snowman is great fun no matter how old you are…

Invite friends

Kids, like adults, have more fun when they share their experiences with others. So, if you’ve planned a bike ride or a trip to the local park, why not let your little one invite a couple of their friends along, too?

PWinter Activities for Kids at Go Apelan ahead

Let your kids know that, come Saturday, instead of completing 10 levels on their new video game they’ll be tearing-up the trails on their mountain bikes (which, to us, sounds a lot more fun). Planning ahead will give them (and you) something to look forward to!

Don’t forget to wrap up warm

OK, it’s a bit of an obvious one to finish on. But, you don’t want to cut short your outdoor adventure because your little one is moaning that they’re wet and cold! Wrap-up warm, pack extra layers and a change of clothes, just in case. And if you plan to be out for a good few hours, why not pack a picnic and a flask of hot choccy?

Here’s our top tips on what to wear, whatever the weather!

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