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Brr-illiant ways to keep the kids happy this Christmas

Go Ape Tree Top Junior Weekends

Searching for a cure for cabin fever? You’ve come to the right place!

Just because it’s not 25 degrees and blue skies out there doesn’t mean you have to go into hibernation mode and only think of indoor activities to do with the kids. Everyone loves being in the great outdoors, and there’s nothing like getting wrapped up warm and taking your little monkeys outside. No one wants to spend all winter cooped up!

With that in mind, we’ve come up with the following activities to avoid going stir crazy – all of which will get kids (and big kids) super excited during the season of yuletide!

Go ice skating

At this time of year, there’s bound to be an outdoor ice rink near you, promising lots of slippery fun! Around age four or five is a good time for your kids to try skating for the first time. Hold hands and watch as your little one’s confidence builds with each lap. You could even treat the family to a cheeky mince pie afterwards.

Go to the beach

Ok, call us mad if you like, but we think there’s something special about walks along the shore in the winter. You’re guaranteed to practically have the beach to yourselves and, as long as you’re dressed for the occasion, you can still stop to build sand castles and draw your names in the sand with a stick – oh, and don’t forget to warm up with the flask of hot chocolate you’ve brought along with you! The question is: are you brave enough to go for a paddle?!

Go on a bike ride

Winter is a great time to head out on a family bike ride. You don’t have to go far; even cycling along the path to your local pub for a Sunday roast and back again is enough to give the kids a healthy dose of fresh air to perk them up. It’ll no doubt blow away a few cobwebs for you, too!

Go to a Christmas market

As a general rule of thumb, children and Christmas shopping don’t mix. But there’s something entirely different about a Christmas market – unlike the mayhem of department stores or shopping malls, they tend to be full of quirky, handmade items that you can marvel at with your kids. And the cinnamon and clove aromas of mulled wine filling the air, accompanied by the obligatory festive tunes, are bound to put you in the spirit.

Go Ape

There’s nowhere quite like Go Ape: whatever the weather, it has the ability to make you and your tribe feel refreshed, invigorated and raring to go! That’s why we’ve kept our Tree Top Junior courses open this winter. Maybe it’s something to do with the wind in your hair as you zip from the treetops, or the almighty unleash of your loudest Tarzan holler, but a few hours hanging out in the trees with the kids is a sure-fire way of keeping the whole family happy this Christmas! Book now to avoid disappointment!

How to survive the winter


You never hear the expression ‘how to overcome the summer sun’, do you? Funny that.

Yet, when it comes to the chillier months of the year, ‘winter blues’ syndrome is something that really does affect a lot of people – perhaps even you or your tribe?

For some, it can make them feel a tad fed up and housebound; for others it can be more serious – leading to feelings of irritability, lethargy and even depression – otherwise known as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), a condition that affects around two million people in the UK alone.

But even when winter is in full force, there are things you can do – some of which are scientifically-backed – that can improve your mood. Intrigued? Read on to find out ways of banishing those winter blues once and for all; who knows, it may well become a season you embrace rather than dread!

Get active

Getting active keeps you fit and healthy – that’s a given. But did you know it can also ease stress, big time? And we’re not just talking about during exercise – the effects last for hours after, giving you more energy throughout the day. Bring on those feel-good chemicals!

Embrace the outdoors

No, standing by a window looking outside doesn’t count! We mean actually get out there. Because it’s colder, lots of people spend more and more time indoors – but it’s this lack of sunlight that can cause feelings of depression, as exposure to the sun releases neurotransmitters to the brain that affect our mood. So wrap up warm and get outdoors!

Fill yourself with healthy grub

Summer is synonymous with salads. Think winter and you think of mince pies with clotted cream, cheeseboards and stodge. But it doesn’t have to be this way! You can still eat warming and nourishing meals, but be healthy at the same time. How about a lentil stew or roasting off some root vegetables to serve with some grilled fish? Everything in moderation, of course – and we are by no means telling you to banish the Quality Street over Christmas – but a healthy diet is sure to boost your energy and your mood.

Stay warm

According to the NHS website, being cold can make you feel even more depressed, and evidence also suggests that keeping warm can reduce the winter blues by half! But this doesn’t mean staying inside glued to the radiator for the next few months. Invest in the right thermal gear, padded coat, warm boots, insulated gloves and beany hat and hey presto! You’re toasty!

Once you’re wrapped up warm, you’re ready to tackle the treetops with your tribe here at Go Ape! If your mood is as dark and gloomy as it looks outdoors, fear not – a few hours monkeying around with us will get you out of that seasonal slump in no time!

Puddles are for splashing!

Go Ape Tree Top Junior Weekends

What is it about a puddle? Every time we see one, we have an uncontrollable urge to jump in it!

Maybe it stems from our childhood; maybe it’s because we’ve been watching too much Peppa Pig (if you’ve got a child/grandchild/niece/nephew/family friend under the age of 7, you’ll know what we’re talking about) or maybe it’s just because it is SO. MUCH. FUN!

You can’t deny it: at some point in your life you’ll have had an out-of-the-blue impulse to jump in a puddle. Why? Because sometimes it’s the simple things provided by Mother Nature that provide the most fun; mud pies, trees to climb, sand castles and splashing in puddles definitely makes this awesome list.

Think about it. There are so many adventures you can have – with your little monkeys in tow or without – when the weather has taken a turn for the worse. Just because you see that little rain symbol pop up on your weather app doesn’t mean you have to spend the day cooped up inside; why not get out and embrace it instead?

Weekends at Tree Top JuniorAs the famous saying goes, “Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass… it’s about learning to dance in the rain.

That’s where puddles come in! Be honest, has there ever been a time when you wished you could jump in a puddle, but stopped because the sensible side of your brain said: “I better not – my socks will get wet and I might get all muddy.” Well, this time, how about throwing caution to the wind? Leave any clothing you don’t want to get wet in your wardrobe, wrap up warm, get that rain jacket on, pull on the wellies and hey presto! You’re ready for some serious puddle splashing.

The same thing goes with any outdoor adventure; as long as you’re prepared for it clothing-wise, there’s nothing to stop you having fun – sometimes more fun! Go Ape is awesome when the heavens open, that’s for sure!

The trees are a natural canopy and offer some protection, but really, a bit of rain never hurt anyone! Sure, it makes it a bit muddier – but if you’re dressed in clothes you don’t mind getting a tad grubby, who cares? It only adds to the fun!

Go Ape is most certainly a wet weather activity! So, grab your Mini Tarzans and let us brighten up a grey weekend – we can guarantee you’ll have lots of splashy fun! Remember, our Tree Top Junior courses will remain open at weekends this winter (NB. Dalby and Grizedale Forest are the only sites that’ll be closing their doors until spring) so book in advance and beat the winter blues.

(Stomping in puddles: compulsory).

Wintry Weekends at Tree Top Junior

Wintry Weekends at Go Ape

Winter is coming!

Although some of Go Ape will be going into hibernation mode during the winter – fear not: our Tree Top Junior courses will remain open, meaning your mini Tarzans can enjoy zipping through the trees every weekend throughout the coming months (NB. Dalby and Grizedale Forest are the only sites that’ll be closing their doors until spring).

Just because the temperatures are dropping doesn’t mean you have to batten down the hatches and stay indoors every weekend throughout the chillier months; quite the contrary – kids LOVE being unleashed in the great outdoors.

What better way to discover the forest than with a Tree Top Junior course at Go Ape?

They’ll enjoy a fun-filled hour of canopy exploring and trail blazing; negotiating crossings, overcoming obstacles and finishing on a high – both literally and metaphorically – with the zip wire of all zip wires.

Kids love living life adventurously and, at only £18 per child, they can do so without you breaking the bank! We’ve aimed our Tree Top Junior adventure at little monkeys aged between six and 12, but as long as they’re over one metre tall, they’re good to go!

One thing we would highly encourage, though, is that they’re dressed sensibly. Here are some of our top tips for winter attire at Go Ape:

Tree Top Junior Winter• Thin gloves are recommended, particularly when there’s a chill in the air. Gloves will not only keep their hands nice and toasty, but will also give them a layer of protection against the friction of the ropes

• Bring a mac, even if the heavens don’t look like they’re about to open on the morning of your adventure. You never know!

• Make sure your little ones are wearing appropriate footwear – grippy soles are a must, and sandals and slip-off shoes are a big no-no (although you’d be a little mad to be wearing summer shoes in the winter!).

• Long hair must be tied back.

• Leave the ‘Sunday Best’ outfit in the wardrobe – this isn’t the time for a fashion show! Make sure they’re wearing something you don’t mind getting grubby. It can get a little muddy in the rain, but this simply adds to the fun!

• Layer them up. Think thermal vests, t-shirts, cardies, fleeces, waterproofs – you can always peel the layers off when they warm up, but you can’t add layers if you haven’t got them with you!

Finally, make sure you book up your course in advance!

We tend to get pretty busy, especially during the school holidays. You can book online here. We look forward to seeing you and your little monkeys very soon!

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