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There’s Trekking… And Then There’s Zip Trekking!

Go Ape Zip Trekking Adventure

Imagine this: You’re in the middle of Grizedale Forest surrounded by hundreds (perhaps thousands) of beautiful, towering Douglas Firs. The sun is beating down and there isn’t a cloud in sight. You’re looking out over the lush green valley and all is silent apart from the occasional chirping of birds. Blissful.

The enchanting Grizedale Forest is as vast as it is beautiful and provides the perfect spot for an afternoon trek. The trails will take you deep into the heart of the forest where you’ll come across numerous species of wildlife. You might also spot a few art sculptures along the way, too – there are just over 50 permanent pieces to find.

But, we’re going to make a suggestion.

How about, the next time you visit Grizedale Forest, you explore it in an entirely different way? And by ‘entirely different,’ we mean giving your legs a rest and exploring the forest by air instead!

“How do you do that?” we hear you ask. Well, it’s simple – on our new and (extremely) exciting Zip Trekking Adventure! We’ve practically made human flight possible (well, nearly), enabling you to get a bird’s-eye view of the forest as you fly above the tree tops and through the valleys via seven different zip wires. Sounds pretty fun, huh?

Our Zip Trekking Adventure is all about zip wires.

There are actually no other obstacles involved, unless you count the rope ladders you climb to get up to the platforms. It’s just zip, after zip, after zip, after zip…

We’ve got the largest network of zip wires anywhere in the UK and you’ll cover a total 3km of ground (or shall we say, air?) during your experience. Estimated total flight time is around 2 hours (that’s longer than a flight to the South of France).

So, what’s included in your adventure other than the zip wires? Well, when you arrive at Go Ape you’ll first be given a safety demonstration by a member of the Go Ape tribe, who will teach you how to use all of your zip wire equipment. Next up, you’re going on a hike; a 20 minute hike through the beautiful forest and to the meeting point where one of the Go Ape Land Rovers will be waiting for you.

The car will drive you and your pals along the stunning mountain roads and to the training zip where you can get some practice at making a soft/graceful/painless landing before your real adventure begins. Then, once you’ve built your confidence up, the forest awaits you!

With the Go Ape Zip Trekking Adventure, you really do get the best of both worlds. You get to explore the stunning Grizedale Forest in numerous ways – by foot, by car and by air. And as you make that soft, graceful and painless landing into that pile of woodchip waiting for you at the end of Zip 7, we guarantee you’ll be doing so with an enormous grin across your face.

So, are you ready for a tree-mendous Zip Trekking Adventure? For more details, and to book, head to the Zip Trekking Adventure page on our website.

An Adventure You Really Need To Check Out

Discover Zip Trekking

Hands up who loves the Go Ape zip wires? (*raises hands*)

Zip wires are an entirely different breed of tree-top obstacle. They’re fast. They’re scary. And they’re tree-mendously good fun. Nothing quite beats whizzing through the air on a zip wire: the breeze, the view from way up high, the chance to stretch your arms out wide and embrace nature. And don’t forget that pile of soft woodchip awaiting you at the other end (the woodchip that you’ll also find in your trousers several weeks after visiting Go Ape).

It’s no wonder so many of our Tribe rate our zip wires as their #1 tree-top obstacle. Knowing just how popular they are, we had a something of a brainwave: why don’t we create a totally new forest adventure that is strictly zip-only?

Well, after some planning and preparation back at gorilla GQ, what was once a brainwave soon turned into reality and we’ve done it! Our very first Zip Trekking Adventure is ready and waiting for you at our Grizedale Forest course. Cool, huh?!

So, what’s it all about?

Well, our Zip Trekking Adventure is a series of seven tandem zip lines (the longest series in the UK, we’ll have you know) that take you through and above the glorious Douglas firs of Grizedale Forest. You know those dreams of flying you used to have as a kid? Well, you won’t get much closer than this…

Zip Trekking View

Your journey starts with a 20 minute hill climb which can be quite tough, so make sure you’re wearing suitable shoes (no flip flops or high heels, please!) Once you’ve clambered to the top, you’ll be happy to know that a Land Rover will escort you the rest of the way, through wonderful winding mountain roads and to site 1, the training zip. From there on in, you’re free to zip away with your pals!

Your Zip Trekking adventure will last around 2 hours, which is plenty of time to soak up the glorious sights Mother Nature has provided us with. You’ll be covering around 3km and will need to tackle a couple of steep hills as you make your way between the zip wires. Each individual zip wire showcases a unique and beautiful part of Grizedale forest. It’s enough to make even the birds jealous.

Zip Trekking Adventure

We know you’ll have a great time on your Zip Trekking Adventure, so much so that you may feel a tad emotional when you reach the final zip wire. The last zip wire conveniently transports you back into the customer car park, where it’s just a short walk to the cabin where you can return your harness – and get your Zip Trekking Certificate!

As with all our forest adventures, there are some age, height and weight restrictions. For more details, head to the Zip Trekking Adventure page on our website. See you soon!

Dedicate Time To Exploration…

Celebrate Adventure and Explore

Children learn a lot through playing and exploring, whether it’s with their friends or on their own. But, who says exploration is just for kids?!

That’s right… adults, too, can explore and have some fun whilst doing it! As human beings we never stop learning; it doesn’t matter if we’re two, 22 or 52 years old. Playful exploration is all about trying new things, letting our hair down and enjoying ourselves – strictly no age restrictions apply!

Exploring doesn’t just mean packing your bags and travelling to a place you’ve never visited before.

Exploring simply means trying something new, whether that ‘something new’ is a hobby, sport, language or restaurant (the list goes on…).

In our opinion, exploring is less about discovering new places and more about discovering who you really are. By living life adventurously and constantly trying new things, you are exploring your potential, skills and limits. Exploring means stepping out of your so-called comfort zone and discovering what you’re truly capable of.

Only if you try new things will you be able to learn more about yourself – your likes and your dislikes. You’ll be able to learn what you’re good at, and what you’re not so good at. You may even unearth a hidden talent or two that may have otherwise gone unnoticed!

Exploring is all about getting up and doing something with our lives. When we get home from a long day at work, many of us are guilty of switching on the TV, laying horizontal on our sofas and not moving for a good few hours. Our eyes are fixed to the screen, until a rumbling in our stomachs pulls us to the kitchen. We’re so caught-up in work and other things that we forget to have fun.

Instead of sofa surfing, why not dedicate that time to playful exploration?

Of course, we all need to chill out from time to time but why not try, just a couple of times a week, to do something a little out of the ordinary?

You could don your finest apron and attempt cooking a meal you’ve never made before for your loved one. You could round-up your friends and organise an evening class, or finally sign-up to that yoga class down the road. You could even get in contact with your nearest and dearest to see who’s up for an afternoon in the trees at Go Ape!

Exploration Inspiration

Sometimes thinking of these things can be a little tricky, so grab a pen and some paper and list all the things you want to try out. Then, work your way through your list, ticking as you go.

We at Go Ape think that exploration makes for a richer life. As the saying goes, “if you never try you’ll never know.” If you never try new things, you’ll never know what you’re truly capable of. So go on, get out there and explore!

A Day Out In And Around The Lake District

Go Ape Zip Trekking Adventure

Pay a visit to Go Ape at Grizedale Forest and you are in for a really special treat. Not only is there an exciting Tree Top Adventure awaiting, you can also take in the view from the highest Go Ape platform, which stands at an impressive 18 metres up a Douglas Fir – that’s nearly 60 feet.

Swinging through the trees and hurtling down zip wires is a great way to bond with friends and gives you a real sense of adventure. What’s more, Go Ape at Grizedale Forest is also home to the zip trekking adventure – a series of seven tandem zip lines letting you glide through the branches. But, there’s plenty more to discover in the Lake District, here are some more ideas to keep you and your tribe occupied.

Where to go?

Explore Grizedale Forest

Whether you want to walk, cycle, ride a horse or hire a Segway to discover the forest, the choice is yours. Grizedale has nine marked walking trails which vary in length and difficulty. Whatever your mode of transport, this is your chance to explore hidden tarns, secret valleys and the highest point in the forest. You should also keep an eye out for 50 pieces of forest sculpture that have been concealed around the forest. Some are of animals, others play music and there are a few that are just plain bizarre. Spotting all 50 will be time well spent!

What to do?

Boating on the Lakes

Is there a better way to spend a lazy afternoon than messing about on the river – or in this case one of the area’s world-famous lakes? Not just for Toad, Ratty and Mole, there are a number of boating options on nearby Windermere and Coniston Lakes where you are able to hire boats and kayaks. If you want a less energetic alternative there are also opportunities to take scenic boat trips. Coniston Lake even has a Steam Yacht Gondola so you can really travel in style.

Where to eat?

The Kings Arms Hotel, Hawkshead

Just down the road from Go Ape at Grizedale Forest you will find The Kings Arms Hotel, a traditional Lakeland inn. Dating back to Elizabethan times, the inn offers visitors good food, real ales, and even a bed for the night. Whether you are after lunch, dinner or a packed lunch to take away with you for the day (if you are a resident) they are happy to help. The lunch menu includes light snacks and bar meals, while dinner includes everything from potted shrimps and Lakeland tapas to local steak and ale pie.

And something for a rainy day?

Lakeside and Haverthwaite Railway

One of the great things about a day out at Go Ape is that a bit of rain will never spoil your fun. And as the saying goes, ‘there’s no such thing as bad weather, just inadequate clothing.’ So pack your waterproofs and get stuck in. If, however, you want to find somewhere you can dry off later in the day, a ride on one of Lakeside and Haverthwaite Railway’s steam and diesel locomotives is perfect. You can take in the sights along this 3.2 miles of heritage track, which was first opened in 1869.

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