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Special Guest blog post from 73 Year Old Silverback Frances Butcher

Go Ape Frances Hero
Find out about silverback grandmother Frances and her trip to Go Ape with her ‘Little Monkeys’ …

I tend to think of the grandchildren as ‘Little Monkeys’ (in the nicest possible way) but I recently found my inner-ape. The invitation to join my daughter and her two children on the Go Ape challenge at Thetford Forest filled me with excitement. Then I looked at the website and the excitement turned to trepidation, but I was determined not to show cowardice in front of anyone, let alone a 6-year old.

Go Ape Frances 4 Border

On the appointed day we arrived in time for a picnic lunch and a review of the course from ground level, and it almost looked too easy. So I donned the harness and rushed to the start point. From 8 metres up in the trees it then didn’t look quite so easy, but I wasn’t going to admit that, even to myself.

Go Ape Frances 2 Border

I was amazed to find what fun it was crossing between trees on swinging pathways of various ingenious designs; clinging on to a cargo net, and walking over a suspension bridge of logs. The one challenge that I found mentally difficult was the balance log. Just a bare log between one tree and the next. But as there were people in front and behind me I told myself I just had to do it, and fortunately I did without resorting to the need to sit on it and shuffle along!

Go Ape Frances 1 Border

The best part though was the zip wire – hurtling through the air at high speed (or so it seemed). It was all over far too quickly. Did I find it difficult at my age? Not really, but as the course was rightly designed for children the height of some things meant I needed to stoop a little, but the biggest problem was that my large feet caught on things like the netting.

I would recommend anyone of any age to ‘have a go’ if they fancy it. I thoroughly enjoyed it, hope I didn’t embarrass my grandchildren, and may even do it again.

Want to try Go Ape? Find your nearest location here.

93 Year Old Raymond Tackles Go Ape Crathes Castle

Raymond Go Ape Crathes Castle

Raymond Zip WireWe love an inspirational tale here at Banana HQ. Every now and again we hear about something so fantastic, that we have to rise from our seats and applaud. Andy Murray’s Wimbledon win. Tim Peake’s historic space landing. That dog from Southend who can skateboard.

But a few weeks ago, we heard a story that really knocked us sideways.

When Louise Finlayson decided to celebrate her 21st birthday at Go Ape Crathes Castle, her grandpa Raymond was determined to not miss out on the fun.

Reminding us that age really is just a number, 93-year-old Raymond became the oldest ever Tribesman to take on a Go Ape course. The inspirational nonagenarian enjoyed every second of his visit, completing both the zip wire and the Tarzan swing.

Raymond said: “I don’t think age should ever be a barrier and I am always keen to try something new. Now that I have been to Go Ape and know what to expect I will be better prepared for my next visit, when I am planning on completing the rest of the course.”

Wow. Here’s to Raymond, and all the other adventurous silverbacks out there reminding us that there is no limit to the human spirit.

Adventure is available for apes of all ages over one metre tall. Book your next forest experience.

Accolades aplenty for Aberfoyle!

Go Ape Aberfoyle Award

Amazing Aberfoyle

We always knew our Tribe at Aberfoyle were doing a sterling job (get it – because they’re in Stirlingshire? Sorry…) BUT we’re happy to share that their hard work has been officially recognised. They’ve scooped a couple of awards recently – the first from VisitScotland, who added them to a prestigious group of just 25 Scottish businesses that have so far been named a five-star Activity Centre.

Go Ape Aberfoyle - Best OutdoorAdventure Experience











Congratulations to Action Glen and Highland Fling Bungee for getting to the finals at the Scottish Thistle Awards – Scottish tourism’s equivalent of the Oscars. Go Ape will now join other regional winners at the glittering national finals in Edinburgh on March 11.

Go Ape Aberfoyle Award Ape














We’ve got our fingers crossed, guys!

If you haven’t yet visited Aberfoyle come join us and enjoy two to three hours in the trees taking on Zip Wires, Tarzan Swings, Rope Ladders and a variety of obstacles and crossings.

Go Ape Aberfoyle is home some of the longest Zip Wires in Britain, it really is in a league of its own. At a dizzying 120ft high and 426 metres long the grand finale at our first Scottish adventure is an exhilarating and memorable experience!

Visit Aberfoyle

Ride the wind with Go Ape!

Zip, Zip, Horray

Today is not just any old (dreary) Tuesday, oh no. Today is a special day. D’you want to know why? Because it’s Ride the Wind Day!

Yep – Ride the Wind Day is a thing, and it’s celebrated across the world every year on the 23rd of August! If there’s a day dedicated to celebrating love, then why can’t there be a day dedicated to celebrating one of Mother Nature’s greatest gifts!?

Alright, so there are certain times when the wind can be annoying – when you’re trying to read the paper outdoors, when you can’t hear what your mate’s saying on the phone, or when it messes with your hair to make you look like an ‘80s pop icon.

But, there are many reasons why wind is brilliant, too. Wind allows us to travel, whether it’s over water on a sailboat or through the air on a paraglider. It dries our washing and cools us down when we’re hot and flustered. It’s also a free, renewable energy source that is super-clean, emitting no pollutants or greenhouse gases.

So, how did Ride the Wind Day come about?

Well, it was initiated to honour the anniversary of the first human-powered flight to win the Kremer Prize (a series of awards given to pioneers of human-powered flight). On this day back in 1977, the Gossamer Condor became the first human-powered aircraft capable of controlled and sustained flight. It was designed by Paul Macready and piloted by Bryan Allen, who completed a mile-long, figure-eight course in 7 minutes and 27 seconds, reaching a top speed of 11mph.

Tree Top Adventure Go ApeIf you’re scratching your head thinking of how to celebrate Ride the Wind Day, we’ve got an idea: book a Zip Trekking Adventure at Go Ape! What better way to experience that wind-in-your-face feeling than by soaring through the air like a bird!?

Our Zip Trekking Adventure is exclusive to Cumbria and you’ll find it nestled amidst the Douglas Firs at Grizedale Forest. You’ll soar high above the forest floor, soaking in the views as you take on seven zips and cover a mega 3km of ground (or shall we say, air?).

Your Zip Trekking Adventure will start with a safety briefing, and then you’ll get to experience that fresh, forest breeze as you embark on a 20-minute hike through one of the most beautiful forests in the UK. You’ll then be whisked along winding mountain roads in one of our off-road Land Rovers, up to the training zip. Once you’ve perfected your technique and learned how to land like a pro, you’ll be free to soar!

If Cumbria is a bit of a trek from where you live, you’re able to get that wind-in-your-face feeling at any of our Go Ape locations! Every single Tree Top Adventure features zip lines! But if you’re near any of the following, be sure to check them out…

Go Ape Aberfoyle – Home to two of Britain’s longest zip wires (each stretching over 400m).

Go Ape Glentress Forest, Peebles – Our highest zip wire, flying you over stunning reservoirs in the valley.

Go Ape Haldon Forest Park – Boasting two 235m zip wires, flying you from hilltop to hilltop with awe-inspiring views of Dartmoor National Park.

So, are you ready for a zip-tastic adventure? Book now to avoid disappointment!

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