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Tree Top Adventure is open at Chessington!

Chessington World of Adventures

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, can we get a drumroll please…Go Ape’s Tree Top Adventure has swung its way into Chessington World of Adventures Resort and is officially open for (monkey) business!

It’s a mega milestone for us: our 30th Go Ape to launch in the UK (we’re feeling a little emotional about it all, to be honest) and it’s the first time we’ve teamed up with a theme park and double the adventures mean double the fun!

Go Ape at Chessington

But that’s not the only ‘first’ – oh no!

Our Chessington site is also home to Go Ape’s first ever four-person zip wire (which means quadruple the fun, right!?). Picture this: you and three of your chums perching on a platform ledge as you count down from 3 (or 10, if one of you isn’t quite ready to take the leap of faith). You reach 0 and all jump off in synch, whizzing through the air with the wind in your face. It’s a ride to the finish line/mound of woodchip!

Four man zip wire Chessington

Your little monkeys can get involved too, clambering up the rope ladder to take on an epic Tree Top Junior course. So long as they’re over the age of 6 or at least 1m tall, they can swing through the trees to their hearts content!

Set amidst 60 acres of woodland, there’s no doubt that Chessington is the UK’s wildest theme park.

So, what better place for a Go Ape? After your Tarzan-inspired adventure with us, there’s a whole heap of other activities to check out, whether it’s the parks 40+ rides and attractions, the zoo, or Sea Life centre!

In fact, seeing as there’s so much to see and do, why not make a weekend of it? The resort has two hotels and new explorer camping, where you and your tribe get to sleep under the stars in pre-pitched tents. A must if you’ve got little ones!

So, what are you waiting for? Book your Go Ape adventure today!

The Moment You Become Part of the Tribe

Go Ape Tree Top Adventure

So, you’ve just booked your first Go Ape adventure. Fantastic – get ready for a true taste of the high life!

Our award-winning tree-top obstacle courses provide the perfect place to catch some hang time with your chums. Breathe in that fresh, forest air, take in the breathtaking scenery, and be prepared to meet with some awesome tree-top obstacles.

We’ve got brilliant bridges, crazy crossings and speedy zip wires. We’ve got high ropes, tightropes, tunnels and stirrups. Walk, crawl, crouch and wobble your way across the obstacles, before whizzing down a zip wire at the end of each stage.

If you ask us, there’s one particular obstacle that really takes the biscuit. It’s the obstacle that well and truly makes you a member of the Go Ape tribe. We are, of course, talking about the Tarzan Swing.

Go Ape Tarzan Swing

Ah, the Tarzan Swing. Clip in, hold on, count down from ten (or 20, or 200) and jump! It doesn’t matter how long it takes you, whether you try to ease your wobbly knees before leaping, or prefer to jump straight away without thought.

And when you do finally jump, you’ll soon understand why the Tarzan Swing is our favourite obstacle. Feel the wind in your hair, throw your hands in the air and embrace it! For those few seconds you’ll be lost in the moment and all your inhibitions will disappear; so let’s hear your loudest and most impressive Tarzan holler!

Though it’s important to enjoy yourself, don’t get too lost in the moment and forget to grab on to the cargo net on the other side – you’ll need that to get yourself up to the next platform. And, when you’re standing on that next platform, there’s no doubt you’ll be thinking one thing: “I did it!” Oh, actually, two things – the other being “I want another go!”

So, we know that the Tarzan Swing is your ticket to join the Go Ape tribe, but what other initiation tests are there? We can name a few…

First rope

For some, clambering up those very first set of ropes can be a terrifying experience. If you’re visiting Go Ape to conquer your fear of heights, then fair play to you. And when it comes to becoming an official member of our tribe, well, once you’re up, you’re in.

Wobble woes

Another test people like to set themselves on our courses is to see if they can get their legs to stop wobbling by the time they reach that final zip wire. Some manage to still themselves after the first couple of obstacles, while others continue to shake even when their feet are on solid ground!

No hands hero

Once you’ve started to build up your confidence, you’ll know doubt want to see how far you can push yourself. Many people at this point attempt to complete one of our crossings or bridges hands-free. Can you manage it?

Zip wire

It’s that final moment; the ultimate obstacle that quite literally brings you back down to earth. And, as you land in that soft pile of woodchip, you should feel happy in that knowledge that you are now an official member of the Go Ape tribe!

Hands or no hands?

Climb the treetops

When you tackle our tree-top obstacles, are you a ‘hands’ or ‘no hands’ kind of person?

Some people set themselves the challenge of seeing how far they can make it around the course hands-free, only to have a wobble attack on the second obstacle and decide to complete it with their hands firmly wrapped around the rope.

Then, there are people who start the course refusing to let go of anything (including the tree trunk at the first platform). But, as they start to get into it, that rope-burn-tight grip starts to slowly loosen. And don’t forget those little monkeys on our Tree Top Junior courses who yell, “look, no hands!” to impress their chums and scare their parents.

Below, we take a look at some of Go Ape’s classic obstacles and ask: hands or no hands?

Go Ape Bridge CrossingsBridges

When it comes to going hands-free on our tree-top bridges, it really does depend on which one you’re taking on. Some will offer you a reasonably still ride, while others sway like a ship in harsh seas as soon as you step onto it.

And you’ve got to have your wits about you: some bridges look tame when you’re perched on the platform, but when you take that first step, you’ll realise it’s anything but! The best thing to do? Let your buddy go first and see how they get on.


Arguably one of our toughest high wires, the tightrope is a true test of balance, coordination and concentration. Our tip for success is to look straight ahead of you – never down at the forest floor beneath you.

If you manage to complete the tightrope no-handed, then you’ve either been to circus school, or it’s simply because you’re a Go Ape pro!

Go Ape Tarzan SwingTarzan Swing

Our Tarzan Swing is both one of our most loved and most feared tree-top obstacles. What you’ve got to do is hurl yourself off of a platform, suspended 30 ft. in the air, into a giant cargo net (and we also expect you to give us your best Tarzan holler as you jump!).

We must admit that the majority of people hold on for dear life as they leap from the platform. But, as soon as they’ve made the jump, they throw their arms into the air as if to say, “yes! I did it!” Part excitement, part relief, we think.

Zip wire

You’ve made it to the final zip wire! Hurrah! And as you whizz down towards that soft pile of woodchip, it’s time to embrace the finale of your Go Ape adventure with open arms…which means strictly no hands!

If you’re planning a Go Ape trip soon, don’t forget to tell us which obstacles you and your friends braved hands-free! You can share your pictures or videos on our Twitter or Facebook pages – we want to see the evidence!

The BIG 6 Adventures.

Go Ape

Go Ape

Here at Go Ape we love living life adventurously and testing our own limits. We want to share with you our toughest Big Six course obstacles.

Could you handle them all?

1. The Tallest Platform: Grizedale Forest

A vertigo inducing 75ft above the ground this is the perfect way to tackle your fear of heights.

2. The Biggest Drop: Black Park Tarzan

Our favorite course obstacle is the stomach-hollowing Tarzan drop. Black Park is home to the biggest drop on a Tarzan Swing. As all difficult Go Ape obstacles, there is an easier option- if you’re chicken.

3. The Longest Zip Wire: Aberfoyle

Zip down over the breathtaking scenery of the Trossachs and enjoy the view- after all with a 426m zip line there is plenty of time to swing back and relax!

4. Hardest Obstacle: Stirrups, found at ALL Locations

This obstacle is all about co-ordination. Getting your arms and legs to co-ordinate and catch the swinging hoops, without getting tangled in knots is not an easy feat. 

5. Longest Crossing: Sherwood Tree-to-Tree Zip

Stretching a monstrous 64m from end to end will you make it across or fall short as you zip from tree to tree. One bonus- no wood chippings in your pants when you land!

6. The Highest Go Ape Course: Whinlatter

At a whopping 790m above Sea Level It’s so high you can see all the way to Scotland.

We’ve conquered them, now it’s your turn. Go on…we dare you!

Already conquered them? Keep your eyes open for our new challenges, including the first extreme black run at Wendover.

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