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The Outdoor Show Wrapped Up!


So it’s back to Go Ape HQ after an epic few days at the Outdoors Show.  With over 1,000 of you riding the World’s longest indoor zip wire, we can only hope that you had as much fun as us! #ZipTrack landed at the Telegraph Outdoor Adventure and Travel Show 13 – 16 February 2014 at the Excel, London, here’s a few key stats: 74 tonnes of wood chip, twin 160m long zip wires, the longest Go Ape Apple Picker ladders at 9.5m and over 1,000 customers.

The tribe enjoyed views of the Outdoors Show from our Go Ape platform 9.5 metres high, experiencing that ‘woodchip in your pants‘ feeling, and getting a taste of a Go Ape adventure. The zip wire was just a snippet of our tree top adventure, but we like to think it got all zip-goers into the Go Ape spirit.

Plus, a peek at what our Gorillas got up to at the Telegraph Outdoor Adventure and Travel Show! Four days wrapped up in two minutes. Watch Now.

Special thanks go to our friends at Capital Garden ProductsRentabar and Akula Furniture for loaning us a fabulous seating area and plants to ensure Go Ape were the stars of the show!

Join us at The Outdoor Adventure and Travel Show

Zip Track at the Outdoor Show

We’re bringing the World’s longest indoor twin zip wires to the Telegraph Outdoor Adventure and Travel Show, driven by SEAT, from February 13 – 16 2014 at Excel, London.

Here’s a few facts about our appearance at the show.

1.       Intended zips will be 160m long at angle of 2.6degrees.

2.       The height of the platform is 8.5m. The two ladders are the longest Apple Pickers Ladders in Go Ape! A whopping 9.5m!

3.       There is 74x1tonne bags of woodchip on site.

4.       The combined weight of the anchors is 24tonnes about the weight of 2 double decker buses

5.       The Monkey was kidnapped from the Go Ape Course at Wyre Forest. The Manager still hasn’t noticed!

9.       And for the nerds; The co-efficient of friction between the floor and the anchor is 0.46.

We can’t wait to see you swing by.

NEW Zip Trekking Adventure Coming Soon

Zip Trekking Adventure

Zip Trekking Adventure

Go Ape know that for some of our tribe the zips are the best bit. So we’re creating an extra special adventure just for you.

We like to keep adding to the Go Ape family so that you can all continue to live life adventurously.

Just keep your eyes peeled on its whereabouts – it could be coming to a forest near you.

It’s coming soon and we’re as excited as you are. Picture it: zip after zip, with stunning views across the valleys.

So if you like our zips, you will love our NEW Zip Trekking Adventure.

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