Tarzan Swing: the scariest part of Go Ape?

Tarzan Swing

Are you a “3-2-1-GO!” kind of person, or does it take you at least 35 “will they/won’t they” attempts to make the leap?

However you approach the Tarzan Swing at Go Ape, there’s one thing for sure: afterwards, you’ll wish you could do it all over again!

Yep, once you’ve taken the plunge, you’ll soon realise why the Tarzan Swing is one of the most popular obstacles here at Go Ape; it gives you a new-found sense of freedom and confidence – you’ll get lost in the moment, your inhibitions will disappear (let’s hear your loudest Tarzan holler!) and you’ll feel truly proud of yourself when you’re standing on that next platform.

So why do people find the Tarzan Swing soooo scary?

Well, believe it or not, it’s not every day that we hold on to a rope high up in the tree tops (albeit safely clipped on) and swing into a net. For many, it’s an activity that is totally out of their comfort zone.

Despite the fact you’ve conquered the very first set of ropes, finally managing to calm those wobbly knees, have mastered the art of crossing shaky bridges (“look – no hands!”), and zooming down our speedy zip wires, many people say the fear comes back as soon as they reach the Tarzan Swing.

But what’s life without a bit of fear? Feeling a little scared is actually good for us sometimes – and when it comes to the Tarzan Swing, your anxiety will disappear with a single step and be replaced with adrenaline – followed by a healthy dose of pride at having made it.

Want to know how to do it like a pro? Check out the video below for top tips from one of our Go Ape instructors:

Is it actually possible to enjoy a scary situation?

The answer is, when we know we’re in a safe environment: yes! Triggering the instinctive physiological “fight or flight” response means the body experiences a rush of endorphins, adrenaline and dopamine – but all in a completely safe space.

Our award-winning tree-top obstacle course will see you tackle some high ropes, tightropes, tunnels and stirrups. You’ll be wobbling, whizzing, whooshing and whooping – but just wait until you’ve experienced the buzz from the Tarzan Swing. Once you’ve tackled this obstacle, that’s it: you’re well and truly a member of the Go Ape Tribe. Congratulations!

If you’re looking for the ultimate day out – a place where you can hang with your chums and enjoy the high life – Go Ape is the place to be. Nothing beats the breathtaking scenery of the forest from up above, and not much comes close to the thrill of the Tarzan Swing! Try it and see!

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