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Are you ready for National Gorilla Suit Day?


Tomorrow is National Gorilla Suit Day, the day when men, women and children of all ages don their gorilla suits and stroll through their towns, visiting the neighbours and showing off their hirsute finery.

At Go Ape, we’ve been well known to ditch the cotton clothing for something a little more hairy in our time, so here’s a quick look back at our favourite Gorilla moments from last years Big Banana Relay.

Gorillas can’t drive. Who knew?!



But can change a tyre!



Luckily, when all else fails, there’s always paddling.


For those that don’t know, National Gorilla Suit Day bizarrely began after cartoonist Don Martin published a gorilla themed collection called Don Martin Bounces Back in 1963. A once fictitious concept, fans soon started celebrating National Gorilla Suit Day on 31st January, and we’re so glad they did!

Taken from the original paperback book, check out this clip of well-loved character Fester Bestertester, as he suffers a series of arrgh-aah-aah-mazing assaults from real (and not so real) gorillas.


Our 5 Favourite Photos of 2014

Our Top 5 Photos of 2014 - Go Ape

It’s all a bit dreary outside, and whilst we know that’s never an excuse to shy away from getting outdoors, we can’t help but reminisce about our favourite moments from last year. The Go Ape Tribe, yes that includes you, captured some awe-inspiring moments in 2014, here’s our top five:

1. The forest awakens

We’re lucky to have 28 Go Ape Adventures in some of the UK’s most beautiful forests and country parks, which means we’re privy to stunning scenery all year-round. This snap was courtesy of the Tribe from our Thetford course in Suffolk. The warm sunlight glowing through the trees brought a monkey-sized grin to our faces. Personally I can’t wait until the clocks spring forward, only 58 days to go…



2. Don’t forget to look up

The forest floor certainly offers incredible views of surrounding flora and fauna, but sometimes you need to look up to capture truly beautiful moments. We love this worm’s eye view of one of our tree top platforms, there’s something special about climbing our rope ladders before tackling the next tricky crossing or exciting zip wire. Typically, our Tree Top Adventures are about 12 metres high, but the highest Go Ape platform is 18m above ground at Go Ape in Grizedale Forest. Afraid of heights? Why not make 2015 the year you face your fears!


3. Geronimooooooo

Did someone mention Grizedale Forest? This photo of our Zip Trekking Adventure had to make the top five photos of 2014 for the sheer magnitude of the surroundings. Our outdoor zip trekking is over 3km long and offers adventurers incredible views across the valleys for around 2 exhilarating hours.



4. Into the beyond

We know no one loves adventure more than kids, which is why we designed our Tree Top Junior courses just for them. For us, this snap encapsulates the sense of exploration we want all little monkeys to feel as they make their way around the obstacles.



5. Glorious gyroscopes

There’s something wonderfully peaceful about this photo of the Tribe exploring the forest on our all-terrain Segways. Heading off towards the sun, we know our Forest Segway Experience is definitely a unique way to enjoy the great outdoors.



And one for good luck…

We couldn’t help but include this photo of a jumpster hitting the tramps at Air Space, our latest adventure. Based near Glasgow, Air Space is a huge spring-loaded urban playground, and the largest indoor trampoline park in Europe. For more amazing photos, check out Air Space on Instagram.



What was your favourite Go Ape moment from 2014? Share your adventures with us on Facebook or Twitter. Or to see more of our favourite photos, swing by our Instagram account.

This year we want you to embrace the outdoors and live life more adventurously. If you #LoveAdventure, you could be in with a chance of winning a three night cabin break with Forest Holidays. Interested? Find out how here.


A Day Out In And Around Uxbridge – For Over 50s

Tree Top Adventure - Black Park Country Park

Set in 530 acres of stunning woodland with a beautiful lake at its heart, our Black Park Country Park course is in good company with Uxbridge just down the road. Here’s our favourite places to go, and things to do, if you’re in the area:

Where to go?

Dorneywood Garden, Burnham

Dorneywood house is an official residence for a secretary of the state or a minister of the Crown. Its gardens, however, are open to the public and are a wonderful example of 1930s garden design. As a visitor to the Gardens you can stroll around its rose garden and kitchen gardens as well as taking in the lily pond, stylish conservatory and herbaceous borders. The garden is open all year round and as a National Trust member you can enter for free.

What to do?

Walk along the Grand Union Canal

The mighty Grand Union Canal runs through the town of Uxbridge and makes for a pleasant waterside stroll. Join the canal at any point and walk for as long as you fancy. You will pass a number of pubs along the way so there is ample opportunity to stop off for a pint (or coffee if you prefer). Think of it as a well-deserved reward after your tree-top dare-devil antics! Head towards central London and it is easy to hop on the tube back to Uxbridge.

Where to eat?

Palm Suite Restaurant, Iver Heath

Palm Suite has been serving delicious meals to customers for more than 30 years. With its open grill, diners are able to see their food being prepared before their very eyes. Meals range from home-made burgers and fresh steaks to slow-cooked ribs, fish pies and veggie wraps. It is just round the corner from the famous Pinewood Studios, and many a star has been known to pop in to the restaurant for a bite to eat. As well as the possibility of a celebrity spot, another feature of Palm Suite is that they offer Go Ape customers 10% off their bill. It makes perfect sense.

And if you’re feeling adventurous?

Tree Top Adventure or Forest Segway

Before embarking on your tree-top adventure you will be fully briefed on safety, but it won’t be long before you find yourself flying down a zip wire, leaping from a Tarzan swing or making your way across a high rope crossing. Alternatively, explore the forest floor on our epic Forest Segways for a new experience with a down-to-earth twist. Whether you are celebrating a birthday or just fancy doing something you’ve never tried before, then Go Ape will help you release your inner Tarzan – and it’s never too late for that to happen.

Book your adventure online here.

Fear of heights? Face your fears in 2015


Everyone is afraid of something. It might be public speaking, an irrational fear of spiders, or it might be getting your feet off the ground.

The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear” – Nelson Mandela

Fear can hold you back from living and loving your life to the full. It’s so easy to ignore them and hope they’ll go away but they rarely do. Up to 5% of the population are afraid of heights, with women twice as likely to suffer.Face Your Fear of Heights With Go Ape

We’d bundled together a few tips for those with the fear:

1. Face it. If you know what makes you anxious then take small steps to face it.

2. Relax. Learn to breathe deeply to lessen feelings of anxiety.

3. Embrace it! Our leafy hangouts are the ultimate goal for those conquering their fears – so why not gather a supportive tribe and why not head to the forest to conquer your fear at one of our 28 Tree Top Adventures.

Make Valentine’s Day unique this year

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching! Whether you’re a couple after a unique Valentine’s or looking to get your heart racing high up in the tree-tops, head to one of our adventures.

Forget flowers this Mother’s Day

Don’t just give Mum flowers this year, give her the whole forest. The best present a Mum can get is quality time with her loved ones. Why not give the whole family a forest experience to remember at one of our much loved adventures?

If you’re worried about your knees knocking and your arms trembling – never fear; Go Ape is here and we are proud to have helped lots of people to conquer their fear of heights. Why not give it a try – you might surprise yourself! #LoveAdventure

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