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Celebrate Your Adventurous Side!

#CelebrateAdventure | Go Ape

Each and every one of us has an adventurous side. And if you’re sat there shaking your head, trust us – you do have an adventurous side, you just haven’t discovered it yet!

The dictionary definition of an adventure is an “exciting or unusual experience.” Being adventurous means that you regularly involve yourself in exciting and unusual experiences – you take risks, you enjoy trying new things, meeting new people and visiting new places. Being adventurous means living life to the full.

Of course, the Go Ape tribe are big on adventure. We thrive on it. Come discover why we’re celebrating adventure this spring.

For us, nothing beats getting outdoors and trying something new. It’s that pulse-pumping, ‘oh my gosh, what am I doing?’ kind of buzz you get from trying something for the first time. And once you develop that thirst for adventure, it’ll never go away.

With the weekend coming up, here are some ways you can get up, get out and celebrate your adventurous side!

Hit the road

Being adventurous is all about being spontaneous. So, round-up a few friends, pack a picnic and embark on a random road trip. Don’t plan, just drive! By not having a destination, you’ll discover new and intriguing places to explore. Just don’t forget to pack the sat nav for the journey home.

Make friends

Meeting new people will open the doors to plenty of new experiences and adventures. This weekend, make a conscious effort to talk to someone new. It may be the woman who sells you your morning paper, a neighbour, or someone at your yoga club. Many people feel nervous meeting new people for the first time but remember, even your closest friends were strangers once.

Embrace the present

“I’ll learn a new language next year,” “I’ll start writing a blog next month,” “I might try that new restaurant next week.” Stop! You need to start living life in the present, which means replacing ‘next year,’ ‘next month’ and ‘next week’ with ‘today’!

Scare yourself

This weekend, plan or do something that takes you out of your comfort zone. It doesn’t need to involve extreme sports such as sky diving, bungee jumping or white water rafting; it can be something much simpler such as singing karaoke with a mate on Saturday night, watching a scary film, or finally asking that one person out for a drink.

Go Ape

Of course, this list would be incomplete without mentioning Go Ape. Celebrate your adventurous side by unleashing your inner Tarzan at one of our tree-top courses! It may your first time there, you may be looking to conquer your fear of heights, or meet some new people. Whatever your reason, a trip to Go Ape is a great way to celebrate your adventurous side!

Q & A With Buxton Site Manager: Liam McCabe

Go Ape Zip Wires

Liam McCabe - Go ApeLiam McCabe leads the tribe at our beautiful Buxton site in the heart of the Peak District. While he’s been in the activity industry for many years, here Liam tells us why his job at Go Ape is like no other, and why he’ll be eternally grateful to his fellow Go Ape buddy James Winter for recommending the company to him in the first place…

What made you join the Go Ape family in the first place?

I used to work at a place called PGL – a residential holiday camp for kids, based on adventurous experiences outside. Whilst I loved this aspect of the job, it was very much a 24/7 role. Because I lived on site, I was working in the evenings and was on-call throughout the night (meaning I’d get a knock on the door at 2am from a child having a nose bleed!).

A few of my mates worked at Go Ape and were always raving about how good it was and how the company looked after you really well. I felt I had reached the furthest I could go with PGL and had been there for most of my twenties, so when my good friend James Winter (then, manager of the Bedgebury site) told me he had a deputy job going, I jumped at the chance – it was time to try something new and settle down with my (now) wife. It was perfect timing really, as I was looking for something that was still based on adventurous experiences, but somewhere I could finish at the end of each day, shut the doors and switch off.

Did you experience Go Ape for yourself before taking the job?

I hadn’t, but once I knew I had an interview I had a look around one of the sites. I had done similar activities before – I used to be a paddler and work on other ropes sites – so knew I would love it.

What do you like about working for Go Ape?

It is extremely rewarding when you see customers laughing and having a good time. I also love the job because it is very different to when I was working purely with kids. When adults are involved, you hand over some of the responsibility to them, whereas with children you are very conscious that you are always the responsible one. With Go Ape, you let people have a bit more autonomy on the course – giving them the freedom to explore their own fears and learn the ropes (pardon the pun!) for themselves. At the same time, though, they know that we’re always on hand should they need us, but they don’t feel like they are being watched and judged the whole time. This puts the emphasis back on them so that they get more out of it, and there’s something satisfying about watching someone conquer their fears.

What makes your site unique?

Buxton is one of the highest of the Go Ape courses – it’s a very hilly site so there are plenty of long crossings and high platforms, and that has got to be our USP. From high up in the trees, I also think we have some of the best views out of all the Go Ape sites: you can see over Buxton itself, looking down over the town, the Peak District and over the moors. It’s a very picturesque course, and the views never cease to stop me in my tracks.

Finally, tell us a story that will put a smile on our faces…

I can certainly think of an embarrassing story…

Jodie Marsh once visited Go Ape Bedgebury when I worked there. At the end of the activity, we give out certificates – and on this occasion I was writing them in front of the customers. I was moving around the group asking names and writing the name in my best handwriting on the certificate. As I got to Jodie I said: “I know your name, believe it or not!” and wrote it out for her. When I got to the gent next to her, he said: “I bet you know my name then too?” I replied: “Are you her brother?“, to which he responded: “No I’m her boyfriend“. He looked a bit disappointed when I asked for his name. For some reason, I must have given the impression of being up-to-speed with celeb love stories!

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Our 5 Most-Loved Go Ape Obstacles


What’s your favourite Go Ape obstacle?

From swings and stirrups to nets, ropes and bridges, our tree-top courses are jam-packed with a range of super-fun obstacles. Some are physically challenging, while others are more of a mental challenge. Some test your strength and agility; others test your willpower, bravery, and your ability not to swear when there are a couple of kids standing on the next platform.

So, are you a Tarzan enthusiast or more of a high-rope hero? After chin-wagging with our customers and checking our feedback, we’ve rounded up five of our most-loved obstacles:

The Brilliant Bridges

We do bridges – with a difference. And our customers can’t get enough of them. Our bridges sway, shake and wobble, and you’re faced with the task of staying upright as you make your way across them. Some of them have supporting ropes to guide you, while with others you’re forced to take a ‘no hands’ approach. These wooden crossings definitely require full concentration…and a good sense of balance.

Go Ape Bridges

Our Tricky Tightropes

…And on the subject of ‘balance,’ our tightropes are another tree-top favourite. Unless you’ve spent the last few years at circus school, you’ll find that our tightropes can be pretty challenging – as well as extremely fun. The trick here is to not gaze at the ground beneath you. Look straight ahead of you – and ignore your mates on the platform trying to make you laugh.

The Scary Stirrups

Dubbed our “most challenging obstacle,” our tree-top stirrups are a true test of physical and mental ability – perhaps that’s why they’re a forest favourite. Attempting to slot each foot in a tiny stirrup hole is one thing; catching hold of the next rope as it rocks and sways in the breeze is another! The stirrups also provide many a perfect-picture moment – think starfish stances and painful split poses.

Go Ape Stirrups

Our Tree-mendous Tarzan Swings

Our Tarzan swings are also up there with the most-loved Go Ape obstacles – and we can see why. Hurling yourself off a platform and jumping into a huge cargo net, all while letting your chums hear your loudest, most impressive Tarzan holler – what’s not to love?!

As well as being a most-loved obstacle, it’s actually one of our most-feared obstacles. Many people stand on the platform for a couple of minutes, peering over the edge while attempting to muster up some courage. But, it’s earned itself a place in the top spot because once people take that leap of faith, they feel amazing for it.

Our Wonderful Zip Wires

“A means to an end,” “a fun finale,” “a glorious climax” … call them what you will, our zip wires our definitely one of our most-loved obstacles. We all love finishing on a high – and our zip wires are certainly high. That is, of course, until you start descending at speed towards the ground and land in a soft, bouncy mound of bark at the end of it. Just remember to shake it off before you get back into your car.

Go Ape Zip Wires

Has reading the above got you itching to clamber in those trees and experience the obstacles yourself? We’re now back open for business – so book your Go Ape adventure today!

(Oh, what’s my favourite obstacle? Hmm… is “all of them” a good enough response?!)

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