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Awesome Scrapbooking Ideas You’ll Love

Scrapbooking Ideas

We humans just love collecting things, whether it’s stamps, classic cars, comic books or expensive antiques.

But, whereas an avid collector specialises in a certain item, many of us are ‘scrapbook collectors,’ picking up different items as we go. And it’s these items which serve as tokens of our travels; mementos of our adventures.

It might be snaps of you and friends, postcards of places you’ve visited or tickets to days out. But, those keepsakes are no good if they’ve been shoved into a plastic wallet or drawer, only to be forgotten about!

So, why not create a scrapbook of your memories and adventures? Here are some ideas to get you started:

Get organised!

First things first: you need to get organised! Sort out all of your scrapbook items so you know how big a scrapbook you need to buy. Then, make sure you’re stocked-up with the essentials – the scrapbook, scissors, glue, pens, etc.

Pick a theme

Why not create a themed scrapbook? You could apply one theme for the whole book, or a new theme per page. If you’ve travelled a lot this summer, for example, you could create a scrapbook full of souvenirs from all the places you’ve visited and adventures you’ve been on.


Buy some accessories to jazz-up your scrapbook, from buttons and ribbons to special tags and stickers! If you’ve bought yourself a plain book, you could purchase some funky-coloured paper to stick your mementos on.

Write in it

Your scrapbook can double-up as a diary. For instance, if you’ve got photos to stick in, why not write a little bit about the story behind them? Or, for every keepsake in the scrapbook, you could include a little paragraph explaining why they’re important to you. A little bit of journaling will help keep your memories fresh!

Travel with it

Have your scrapbook become your travel companion! This way, you can stick-in keepsakes as you go along so you don’t forget. You could also have friends and family write-in the scrapbook, too.

Create pockets

If you’ve got loads of memorabilia, you can create scrapbook pockets by folding and gluing two bits of paper together, or by using an envelope!

And a few other things to bear in mind…

– If you plan to include some really special photos in your scrapbook, it’s a good idea to make sure you’ve got copies of them, just in case.

– Don’t glue postcards down to the scrapbook, because you won’t be able to read the other side! Instead, punch a small hole in the corner, thread a piece of string through it and glue the string to the scrapbook page. That way, you can turn the postcard around and read both sides.

– Don’t go OTT on the accessories – it’s meant to be a book about your memories; you don’t need seven different-coloured buttons on one page.

– Don’t chop up photos into whacky shapes. Stick with classic rectangles and squares; it looks more professional.

And lastly…

Don’t forget to read it! The best thing to do is leave it for a few months, or until you’ve forgotten what’s in there, and then spend some time flicking through the pages and reliving your memories.

Do you have any scrapbooking tips? If so, we’d love to hear them!

If you’re stuck for where to go or what to do for your next adventure, check out and be inspired. What’s more, you can win amazing adventurous prizes from the likes of Forest Holidays, Suunto, Cotswold Outdoors, as well as Go Ape goodies.

We ask Liam McCabe – What’s on your life list?


We’ve all got a life list. Perhaps not written down, but in our heads at least. And the great thing about these lists is that every single one is unique.

So, we thought it’d be a good idea to grill some of our tribe to find out what’s on their life lists. First under the spotlight is Liam McCabe, site manager at our beautiful Go Ape in Buxton. Liam’s a lover of outdoor adventure (we should hope so, too) and has a lengthy career working in the industry. It’s little surprise, then, that his list contains several daredevil activities…

1. Longboard in Iceland/Scandinavia

First up, Liam wants to try his luck at longboarding. “I’d love to buy a longboard and head to either Iceland or Scandinavia, with the long, winding roads and amazing landscapes. I’d want to travel as much as possible via push power and gravity.”

2. Have a go on a water jet pack

Imagine, flying across the water and through the air using a jetpack. Sounds a lot like whizzing through the air via zip line at one of our Go Ape courses, only a little more wet…

3. See spider monkeys

We’re glad to see something monkey-related on Liam’s list. Spider monkeys are native to the tropical rainforests of Central and South America. Much like Liam, they spend most of their days swinging through the trees (the only difference is, they have no thumbs). “I’m fascinated by spider monkeys. I’d love to see them one day in their natural habitat.”

4. Visit Bhutan

Situated on the eastern edge of the Himalayas, the kingdom of Bhutan is a magical and mysterious land comprising valleys, mountains and subtropical plains, speckled with monasteries and fortresses. “Bhutan’s got to be on my life list; a place where your wealth is measured in your happiness.”

5. Learn to snowboard

It’s something he’s never tried before, but Liam would love to head to the mountains and try his luck on a snowboard.

6. Skydive

“Skydiving’s got to be on the list. I’d relish the chance to jump out of a plane…with a parachute, of course!” We asked Liam where he’d like to skydive…“Anywhere!”

7. Learn to fly a plane

Liam would like to jump out of a plane, but he’d like to take control and learn how to fly one, too.

8. Canoe in the Canadian lakes

“I have been canoeing for 10 years and I’ve yet to visit Canada to paddle where arguably the canoe was invented.”

9. Visit Machu Picchu

Liam would one day love to visit the magnificent, ancient Inca city of Machu Picchu in Peru, set high in the Andes Mountains.

10. A Capoeira class in Brazil

Last on the list is a trip to Brazil. “Having done Capoeira (Brazilian martial art) for a couple of years now, I’d love to travel to its country of origin to experience the culture first hand.”

How many life list actions have you completed?

Zip Trekking in Cumbria

So what’s a life list?

Basically, it’s a list of goals that you are fully committed to getting done! It’s a fun thing to do, it gets you thinking and reminds you of the many things there are to achieve and see in this world. There’s endless possibilities!

A good life list is an anchor. It gives you a bit of purpose, gives you hopes and dreams for the future, and helps you get to grips with yourself.

Why not make yourself one?

What’s on a life list?

We’ve gathered some of those ‘once in a lifetime’ adventures on our Pinterest board. It contains the usual suspects:

  • Reaching the summit of Kilamanjaro
  • Swimming in the bright blue ocean with dolphins
  • White-water rafting in some of the most spectacular rivers
  • Taking a leap of faith and skiing some of the World’s most challenging runs
  • Confronting great white sharks from inside a cage

Take a look

But you can add anything from travelling to some of the most beautiful parts of the World, writing a novel or going on a road trip.

Inspire your life list:

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life”. Steve Jobs

“Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it.  Boldness has genius, power and magic in it”. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” H. Jackson Brown Jr

Go Ape tribe’s life list on Pinterest

Here’s something we lashed together on Pinterest for some serious adventure inspiration. Take a look: 

Follow Go Ape UK’s board Life List on Pinterest.

Remember when…

Forest Segway - Go Ape

You hiked up Snowdonia in the pouring rain and mist? You and the kids had a picnic on the beach at Compton Bay? Or you landed on your bum after zip wire 3?

There are a probably some photos capturing the moment on your android phone amongst the 300 others! But this needn’t be the case, there are lots of imaginative ways to sort and display those treasured moments in time…

Jar it…

A novel way to keep the memories compact and use your crafty side. Plus it can be moved around and displayed wherever the mood takes you.

Check out these memory jar examples on Pinterest.

Box it…

A box frame allows you to display tangible objects as well as photos, so those random things the kids picked up can help to create a story of that great day.

Box Frame Memories

Write on it…

We all have random pebbles, shells and bits of wood laying around the house which we can’t bring ourselves to throw away, but we also can’t remember why it’s so special! Why not inscribe it with the date, place and memory in your most try-hard handwriting and display for a daily memory jog.

Book it…

Nothing beats a homemade scrapbook! Insert your photos, handwritten captions and even mementos from your adventure for a 3D effect by using a coin-collecting sleeve or something similar.

Scrapbook Memories

Hang it…

Hanging lines are a fantastic way to display your photos with mini pegs to secure them, why not have multiple lines with different experiences on each? Alternatively create an arty sculpture with sticks and rope, in fact, you can hang your pics from pretty much anything that comes to mind! Or… get someone else to do it!

Photobox offer an array of services to create a log of your memories. From personalised albums in all colours, shapes, sizes and styles, to canvas prints.

Don’t forget, if your adventure bank is running low, check out to find out what everyone else is doing and where they are doing it – get inspired!

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