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19 miles on foot – with little training!


Go Ape has chosen the Outward Bound Trust as our Charity Partner for 2015. We’ve pledged £40,000 and have given access to our Tree Top Adventure to some of the schools that The Outward Bound Trust works closely with, but now we’re doing something extra!

What are Go Ape doing?

It’s that time of the year when we escape the office, challenge ourselves and do something amazing for those not quite as lucky as us. On Friday 2nd October we take to the footpaths for a 19 mile walk from our base at Banana HQ to the beautiful town of Clare – with very little training!

How do you organise a charity day?

A lot goes into the organisation of the day. Firstly, getting everyone the information they require – the usual, where to meet and at what time. Then there’s the supplies – don’t forget to get enough water, treats and snacks. Enough to keep the tribe going!

Where do you get support from?

While it’s a great day and everyone likes to head out in the fresh air, there’s an important reason behind it.

So how do you spread the word? It’s great to ask everyone to send the fundraising link round on Facebook, Twitter – and any other social media you can lay your hands on!

We find an email or two to our suppliers works well – but they probably require a reminder!

We’d love you to support us. Any donation for Outward Bound Trust would be gratefully received

Alternative Autumn Breaks

Go Ape Tree Top Adventure

Goodbye summer, hello autumn.

The kids are back at school, the nights are drawing in and days spent at the beach and having BBQs in the back garden are nothing more than a distant memory…

But, wait a minute! Just because summer’s over doesn’t mean we need to go into hibernation. Oh no. Autumn rocks – it’s actually our favourite season. It’s when our forests look most beautiful, with the leaves changing from green to warming reds, oranges and yellows. It’s when we get to wrap-up warm and go on crisp, autumn walks with family and friends. It’s when we get to cosy-up by the fire and over-indulge in cups of hot chocolate. And then you’ve got other things to look forward to, such as pumpkin carving for Halloween and watching fireworks on Bonfire Night.

What’s not to love?

Why not make the most of this glorious season and organise an alternative autumn break for you and your loved ones? Here are some ideas:

Ottery St Mary Tar Barrels

It’s an event that has health and safety officials up in arms each year. On November 5th, in a small village in the heart of Devon, (mildly deranged) villagers pick up huge, flaming tar barrels and run through crowds of gawping spectators (13 – 15,000 of them, to be precise). Men, women and children(!) all get involved in this annual tradition, which dates back to the 17th century. With a grand bonfire and plenty of stalls to grab a hot chocolate, this is a great, alternative way to spend Guy Fawkes Night.

Picture Perfect at Westonbirt Arboretum

During the October half term Westonbirt Arboretum is hosting a Picture Perfect event for families. Kids and their parents will set off on a walk through the arboretum, exploring the variety of colours, shapes and textures of the trees. There will be craft activities on offer, where little ones will be able to create their ‘perfect picture’ of autumn.

City of the Dead

Dubbed ‘Britain’s Best Ghost Walk,’ Edinburgh’s City of the Dead tours will leave you trembling in your boots. This Halloween, take a stroll around a haunted graveyard or explore the deep, dark depths of the city’s underground. Your guide will share stories of ghostly goings-on and gruesome tales of yesteryear. And if your little ones have nerves of steel, City of the Dead offer kids tours. Prepare to be afraid – very afraid…

Take a family trip to a pick-your-own farm

Did you know that there are hundreds of pick-your-own farms dotted across the UK? (Find one near you). October’s harvest brings late apples; and there’s something very humbling about heading out on a crisp autumn’s day, picking your fruit and bringing it home to make delicious treats such as chutneys, pies, or perhaps a hearty crumble to complement Tree Top Adventure Go Apea Sunday roast. What’s more, during the month of October many of these farms invite the public to come and pick their own pumpkins for carving!

Go Ape

If you’re planning a crisp autumn’s walk through the forest, why not stop by Go Ape to have a go on one of our award-winning Tree Top Adventure courses? With 28 locations across the UK, there’s bound to be a course near you.

An alternative stag or hen do…


Go Ape WeddingBack in June we had the privilege of hosting our first-ever Go Ape wedding.

Martyn Milner and Colette Gregory took their romance to new heights and exchanged vows in the tree-tops of Aberfoyle, in the heart of Scotland’s beautiful Loch Lomond.

Go Ape isn’t your average wedding venue but hey, who wants ‘average’ on their wedding day?! However, before you start planning the big day, there’s another (very) important event that needs to be sorted out: the stag or hen do.

If you have been awarded the task of organising one of your mate’s stag or hen do, or indeed your own stag or hen do, then your first job is to decide what it is you want to do (choosing the silly fancy dress outfits comes later.)

We have a suggestion for you: instead of the hen or stag do being a night you can’t remember, why not make it a day you will never forget?!

Forget a bog-standard night on the town; our award-winning Tree Top Adventure courses are the perfect hen or stag do activity. Wave goodbye to your final few days of freedom by unleashing your inner Tarzan and swinging through the trees with your buds!

After getting harnessed-up and briefed by one of the Go Ape team, you’ll all clamber up into the trees for 2-3 hours of monkeying around. You’ll take on all sorts of obstacles, from ladders and bridges to crazy crossings and zip wires.

Let’s not forget the notorious Tarzan Swing – it’s only fair that you let the bride or groom-to-be take the leap of faith first, right?

Equip one of the Go Ape tribe with a camera and they’ll be more than happy to take a few snaps as mementos of your adventure. Including photos of your priceless expressions seconds before you leap off the Tarzan Swing platform…

Go Ape Stag DoFancy dress isn’t obligatory, but we highly recommend it. And if you want to be fitting with the surroundings, then make sure your attire is forest-themed – rabbits, fairies, lumberjacks, for example. Tarzan and Jane is an obvious choice; however, if you plan to dress up as the king of the jungle then we do advise wearing more than a leopard print loincloth. You still need to wear clothing that’s suitable for the course.

If you really want to make the most of your Go Ape experience, then you can always combine a Tree Top Adventure with our Forest Segways. You and your mates will be free to roam the forest floor aboard our all-terrain Segways for a full hour – a perfect way to end your day.

Go Ape isn’t just for thrill-seekers, adrenaline junkies and adventure lovers; it’s for anyone who dares to be different! We guarantee that a day spent in the forest with your best friends will be the ultimate single life send off.

So go on, say “I do!” to having your stag or hen party at Go Ape! Find out more here.

Go Ape…Extreme!

Go Ape Zip Trekking Adventure

What constitutes an ‘extreme’ Go Ape obstacle?

They’re all a test of the nerves, so some may argue that they’re all extreme!

…Those people are right. Our Tree Top Adventure courses aren’t easy! They’re challenging, both mentally and physically, and require a lot of stamina, willpower and courage to complete. Adrenaline will be rushing through your body as you clamber up the first rope ladder and when you reach the top, you might wonder, “Can I actually do this?!

But then, a couple of obstacles down you’ll start to get into the swing of things (quite literally). When your Go Ape adventure comes to an end as you whizz down the final zip, we guarantee that you’ll be thinking to yourself, “When can I do that again?!

If you’ve monkeyed around in the trees with us before, you’ll probably have a good idea of which obstacles you enjoy, and which ones really test your nerves. You might be scared of the Stirrups but adore crossing Chantemerle’s Bridge; or you might be terrified of the Twister but love leaping off the Tarzan Swing platform and into a giant cargo net!

While it’s true that all our obstacles are challenging, there are certain ones which really do trump the rest when it comes to extreme-ness. We’re talking about obstacles that go bigger, higher and longer than all the others!

We dare you to come and visit Go Ape and take-on our most extreme obstacles. We’ve handpicked a small few to get you started – the question is: are you brave enough?!

Swinley Forest, Bracknell

Q. What’s better than a Tarzan Swing? A. A double Tarzan Swing! Perhaps it might help put your mind at ease, knowing you’ll be leaping off the platform with a buddy in tow if you pay a visit to Go Ape in Swinley Forest, Bracknell . If you do the double Tarzan Swing, it’s only right you challenge your chum to see who can do the best Tarzan holler!

Cannock Chase

Cannock Chase is home to the longest Go Ape obstacle course, which spans 1,465 metres across five different sections. Cannock Chase is an official Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, and the top of the trees is the perfect place to soak in the magnificent scenery.

Go Ape Cannock Chase

Wendover Woods

The Go Ape course at Wendover Woods is extreme in its entirety. The aptly-named ‘Extreme’ route includes some of our most-challenging crossings, some of which are enough to make the bravest of gorillas shake in their shoes. And before you even reach those crossings, you’ve got to take-on a scrambling net and climbing wall. Think you’ve got what it takes?

Go Ape Wendover Woods

Whether you’ve been to one of our 28 Go Ape courses across the UK or thinking of swinging by soon, we’ve got a treat for you! To help you perfect your Go Ape style we’ve created a mini series of ‘How to…’ videos to show you how to tackle the tree-tops like a pro.

Check out the videos on our YouTube channel here.

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