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Don’t forget…we’ve branched out!


Don’t get us wrong, we love winter.

We love celebrating Christmas with our friends and family, we love how magical everything looks, and we love indulging in all that festive food and drink (mulled wine, anyone?).

But there are two things about winter that we don’t love so much:

1. Having to wake up extra early in the morning to de-ice the car in the freezing cold.

2. Not seeing you lovely lot as much!

As you know, our Tree Top Adventure courses take some time-out during the winter, with most of them opening back up again in February. Although, luckily for the little monkeys, our Tree Top Junior courses stay open!

Anyway…for those of you who are fully grown, if you’re looking for something to fill that Go Ape void this winter, we’ve got the perfect activity: Air Space!

If you didn’t know already, Go Ape has branched out, adding another one-of-a-kind adventure to its already impressive line-up!

This time, instead of trees, it’s trampolines. Over 100 trampolines, in fact!

And they’re all joined up to make up one gigantic, spring-loaded urban playground! You won’t be swinging; you’ll be bouncing, hopping, seat-dropping and somersaulting!

Air Space is open all year round and suitable for thrill-seekers aged five and up. There are parks in Glasgow, Wolverhampton and Stevenage, with Manchester and Liverpool Air Spaces coming soon!

How you spend your time at Air Space is completely up to you.

Perhaps you want to start off your adventure perfecting your skills in the main arena, before pulling some otherworldly mid-air moves (and impressing your mates) over at the power jumping tramp. Then, you could head to the mega-soft, giant air bag, which is ideal for fine-tuning your somersault technique!

If you’re bouncing with your buds, why not split into two teams for a game of dodgeball…with added bounce? You can also shoot hoops on a basketball court that’s spring-loaded – which can help a lot when trying to get the ball in the net!

Air Space also hosts some pretty special events you can get involved in. For instance, our Freestyle Fitness classes can help to keep you fit over the festive period (so you can eat all those mince pies guilt-free), or you can bounce/boogie ‘til you drop at one of our Club Space nights!

Ready to be transported to new heights? Book your Air Space adventure today!

‘Tis the season to find fun winter activities

About Go Ape

‘Tis the season to be jolly. And so you should be.

Not too long now and you’ll be waking up with a stocking filled with gifts by your bed and presents under your tree. We’re still gutted that we don’t get gifts under every tree in the forest on Christmas morning – we’ve asked, but Santa doesn’t take any notice.

Brrrr! It’s pretty chilly this time of year, but how can you make the most of the lovely British winter? Here are our top tips for making the most of the crisp Christmas climate.

Look local

DeerChristmas means something different to everyone. But, whether you live in the big city, or your home is in a village so quiet that you sometimes feel like you’re in an episode of Midsummer Murders (minus the murder of course), there are plenty of ways to celebrate and things to do. Keep a beady eye on local noticeboards, forums and papers to find the best activities nearby.

Ice skating

Vroom. Glide like you’ve never glided before with some ice skating. Most cities cater to the flock of migrating tourists by setting up a temporary ice rink in the winter months. This is the perfect time for you to dust off your skates and get back into everyone’s favourite winter pastime.

Christmas markets

This little shed went to market, this little shed went too, and all the people came, to buy some things… for you. Christmas markets have such a wonderful atmosphere. They also have mulled wine. Mmmm. Christmas markets are often packed to bursting with local businesses that have something interesting to offer. Whether it’s home-grown chilli or a local mince pie recipe, you can get to know your local traders a little better at a seasonal market stall, as well as find tasty treats to tide you over until Christmas.


Deck the halls with Christmas spirit. Tra la la la la, la la la la.

What could be more scenic that carollers singing away complete with a flickering candle and your favourite merry tunes? Whether you join in or just go to watch, carols are an important part of Christmas.

Tree Top Junior in WinterWinter walks

Autumn has been showing off for the last few months, flaunting its leaves around like nobody’s business, so now it’s time to give winter some love. Take a walk in your local forest and appreciate the beauty of bare trees and winter fauna. Perhaps grab a camera and take some snaps, or even a selfie – #nature.

Snow thing like Christmas

Snow: every year it’s what we hope for, it’s what we long for. From snowball fights to making a snow-ape, there are so many ways you can play with snow. You could even get your sled out and zoom down your nearest hill (carefully of course). We personally like to take this rare opportunity to make a herd of snow creatures great and small. Then, when we go to bed, we wish them alive (you’ve seen The Snowman, right?) We know it’s unlikely, but we can’t resist rooting for a miracle. After all, it’s Christmas.

Anyway, Merry Chrimbo to you and your little apes from the whole Go Ape team. We’ll see you in the treetops in the New Year!

Go Ape round up – which adventure will you choose?

Trees for Cities and Go Ape

When it comes to nailing a fun day out in the UK, we believe we well and truly deserve to blow our own trumpet.

After all, whether your tribe is a group of friends, colleagues or family members looking for something a little different to do, we offer a range of experiences that cater to a variety of ages and tastes. In fact, there are 61 ways to Go Ape across the UK – you’re bound to find something that suits you and your tribe down to the ground (or up in the trees if you so choose!).
So, for a memorable day out in the Great Outdoors, take your pick from our round up of excellent Go Ape activities! Go on, we challenge you to live adventurously!

What’s on offer?

Although our signature adventure might be our Tree Top courses, don’t be fooled into thinking all we do is high in the sky!
SegwayOur Forest Segway Experience will take you and your tribe deep into the heart of some of the UK’s most spectacular woodland and countryside. Our self-balancing Segways are specially designed for managing rugged terrain, plus they are environmentally friendly! Many of our visitors enjoy our Forest Segway Experience so much we bet they leave wanting one of their own to travel to school or work!

If you’re looking for something that provides a bit more of an adrenaline rush, we can help you out there too.

Our Zip Trekking Adventure, exclusive to Cumbria, is guaranteed to take your breath away as you traverse a network of seven tandem zip lines that provide an exhilarating bird’s eye view of the magnificent Grizedale Forest. You’ll be flying without wings!

Of course, there’s a reason our classic Tree Top Adventures have been such an enduring success over the years. This is your chance to unleash your inner Tarzan as you brave the high ropes, glide down zip wires and fling yourself off giant swings. We even offer a Tree Top Junior deal so the younger members of your tribe can get involved! You could even treat them to a Go Ape birthday and give them a party they’ll remember forever.

Where can you find us?

The short answer is: everywhere! You can experience Go Ape at 30 different locations around the UK in some of the choicest natural surroundings the country has to offer. We know how to make good use of jaw-dropping valleys, sky-scraper forests and panoramic views – there’s no better way to get up close and personal with good old Mother Nature!
The best thing about Go Ape is that (as long as you dress appropriately) we have adventures that can be enjoyed whatever the weather. We don’t let a little rain stop us! So whether you want to hit those forest heights in summer when the forest is in full bloom, or wend your way along autumnal trails, alight with the colours of fall, we’ve got you covered.

Give us a call to book your experience – we expect to see you swinging through the trees very soon!

The Adventure Fund in action: apes versus wolves


Here at Go Ape we’re all for celebrating adventure and stepping up to new challenges. So much so, that we offer an adventure fund for our staff that are looking to live life more adventurously. This year, one of our instructors at Go Ape Cannock, Rebekah Florence, decided to step up to the plate and take on not one, but TWO physical challenges. In part 1 of her story, Beki tells of her experiences with the Wolf Run 2016.


Here’s what she had to say:

“A few years ago, I remember seeing an obstacle race on TV and thought to myself I’d love to be able to do that, but quickly convinced myself I’d never be fit enough.

Since turning 30 last year, I decided I was fed up of feeling unfit and avoiding activities because of low confidence so found myself a great gym as well as taking the plunge to apply to join the Go Ape tribe.

The combination of my new levels of fitness, and working alongside some greatly supportive and adventurous people, my personal confidence grew buckets. Because of this, I have been getting involved in more and more activities that I never thought possible.

Fast forward to this autumn. My fitness is still a work-in-progress, but I decided to set myself a pretty big goal of participating in the Tough Mudder challenge next May.

As part of my preparation, I wanted to get to grips with an obstacle style event, and thanks to the amazing Adventure fund provided to Go Ape staff, I was able to participate alongside some friends in The Winter Wolf Run that was held at Stanford Hall, in Leicestershire.

The concept behind the Wolf Run was to re-create the feeling of running in natural terrain – a wild run that would allow people to experience natural, raw running conditions as far as possible whilst also presenting runners with a challenging, interesting and enjoyable event.” – Wolf Run, 2016.

Adventure awaits

wolf-run-go-ape-teamWhen we arrived, the temperature had taken a nice little dip to about 6°C which meant we were pretty cold before even starting.

In total there were 37 obstacles – both natural and man-made over a 10K distance. A lot of these obstacles involved water including a short underwater swim in the river, and a lake swim.

I have never felt cold like this, but was so proud to complete these obstacles as I have previously struggled with a fear of water.

The cold really battered our motivation and will, but I was determined to complete this challenge. Once we crossed that finish line, I felt an immense sense of pride and achievement (although it took longer to feel my fingers and toes again).


Although I still have a long way to go with my training for Tough Mudder, I really feel that this event has worked wonders for my grit and determination to push myself further – Beki Florence”


We’re looking forward to seeing how Beki progresses in her training over the next year or so. We may be biased, but we’re sure that Beki will release her inner Tarzan yet again and swing through it like a breeze. GO TEAM CANNOCK!

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