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Dalby Site Manager Nick Mallet Does ‘Ard Rock’

Ard Rock Featured
Recently Go Ape Dalby Site Manager Nick Dalby took on the ‘Ard Rock’ mountain biking endurance race as part of the Go Ape Adventure Fund.

Each year Go Ape set aside a fund for our Tribe to take on adventurous activities outside of work, here is Nick’s in his own words …

“So on a sunny day in September 2016 and a moment of insanity I agreed with a couple of pals to be part of a team to enter the Ard Rock and the Ard Moors MTB endure races. In retrospect having never competed in any type of MTB event before it might have been prudent to check out what was involved before registering….but got to ‘live life adventurously’ right?!?

GoApe even helped me to take part in my adventure by footing the bill for my enrolments.
The event got closer and closer and the nerves increased. So the Thursday arrived and car packed with tent, bike, food and dog and off I went to work. 7.30 arrived and all customers and staff off the course so time to set off on my adventure. Arrived at the beautiful little village of Fremington in the stunning Yorkshire Dales nestled in a valley with what seemed to be very steep inclines either side.

Tent up and dog settles in what can only be described as a temporary bikers village that had sprung up in a few fields. Lots of very professional looking folk that didn’t help with the nerves.

Time for an early night before the practice day on Friday. Managed to get to have a sedate ride of section 6 (last section) and seemed steep, challenging and fun so I felt a bit better about the start on Saturday at 10.30..Bit of food and natter with team mates and fellow competitors then bed. Disturbed sleep thanks to dog in small tent with me that wanted to share the sleeping bag.

D-Day had arrived so kit up, final check of bike and away we go, myself, Steve who works as an instructor at my site and a pal Jane who I ride with sometimes. Nervously sat at start line with another 20 for that time slot and off we go…so the climbing began all the way to start of section 1…..what have I signed up for??? I start to hear rumours of an air lift for a nasty crash and the nerves are back.

No turning back now….here we go.

Wow that was the most thrilling section of mountain biking I’ve done, rocks, tight turns, mud, roots and did I mention how steep it was!! But with the sound of spectator cow bells still ringing in my ears I make it to the bottom all in one piece and I stayed on my bike!! Buzzing!
Then more climbing to next section…….. 4 and half hours later and 4000 metres worth of climbing, wind, rain and adrenaline I arrive at the top of section 6 for the final descent. Feeling it now but loving it.

Jane heads off with me not far behind, all going well and I’m gaining on her when quick as a flash she crashes in a heap in front of me. So stopped next to her and helped her out of the way of the track. She’s not in a good way having landed on her shoulder. After helping her out and checking she was ok and being told to carry on I jump back on bike and hurtle down the last few minutes of my Ard Rock adventure.

All done and I can safely say it was ‘Amazing’….once adrenaline has subsided and Steve arrives at the finish my thoughts turn to my fallen team mate who soon after appears with her arm in a sling, shaken but walking down and looking forward to her visit to A+E.
It was truly an amazing weekend and I met some brilliant people. Challenged myself and am completely hooked….roll on Ard Moors is September.”

Well done Nick from all the Go Ape Tribe!

Ard Rock 3

Graham and Sharon take on the Via Francigena

graham and sharon via francigena

Leeds Castle site manager, Graham celebrated his 10th anniversary at Go Ape by taking on his biggest adventure to date – walking the Via Francigena with his wife Sharon.


What is the Via Francigena?

The Via Francigena is the name of an ancient route running from France to Rome. It is believed to have been a religious pilgrimage, and for those starting it from the UK – it all begins in the city of Canterbury.

via francigena map

How long will it take?

The journey is a total of 1200 miles and covers parts of France, Italy and Switzerland. The couple set off on the 23rd June, the pilgrimage is likely to take around 4 months. It will require around 8-10 hours of walking per day and camping out under the stars (and likely, rain) at night.


Tracking their progress

The first part of the couple’s journey started from Canterbury, where the pilgrimage was said to have begun, and onward to Dover. They covered 22 miles in one day then caught the ferry from Dover to Calais.

So far, the couple have visited Calais, Guines, Reims and Lausanne to name just a few beautiful European cities. To paraphrase Ringo Starr – “they’ve got blistered on their toes!”

gaz and shaz adventure

Follow their adventure

If you would like to keep up to date with the pilgrimage of Graham and Sharon from Canterbury to Rome, you can follow each footstep via their blog

Nets Kingdom Through The Eyes Of Scarlett, Aged 7

Scarlett Nets Kingdom

The launch of our new adventure Nets Kingdom saw Scarlett, aged 7, join us to try out our latest venture

Below is an account of her adventure in her own words and by the sounds of it she had a great time …

“When I first saw it

I felt scared and not confident as I am scared of high places and I am only seven years old. The very first net was just a bit tricky and bouncy I was so scared at first but then I tried a big bouncy slope entrance which led to a big bouncy bit and then some nets to go to a treehouse. I had a bit more grip and strength on it. My mum went on for one and a half hours then I joined her. She got off and I stayed on because I was brave and I wanted to explore.

Fun stuff

It felt epic awesome and good after getting going. I liked the tree houses the best! The walk way nets were very slanted at the end. The wind was blowing very strong. Also, the treehouse had nothing in it and its very beautiful, it needs stuff to put in it like rugs or carpets, a mini table a lamp or a stash of toys to make it cosy if its windy. When I went in the big bit there was no people on it so I got it to myself. I went down the slide very fast I got filmed going down the slide. I thought the nets were epic and I also think that children of all different ages could go on. You need this information for if you go on, you can be 1 and up, you can go on even if you’re elderly.



How long I stayed on for

I stayed on for four hours. My brother Jack stayed on longer because I was scared at the beginning. My Mum was on with my brother. I guess that you’re wondering who I stayed with. I stayed with a lady called…Linda she got me a Fanta and a rocky road with marshmallows on top. I had a great time! I would like to stay on for hours!”

Well there you have it, Scarlett approves and so do we …
If you fancy having a bounce around our expansive network of tree top trampolines you can you can find out more here!

5 Reasons Adventure Is Good For Your Health As You Get Older

Tarzan Swing

If you thought adventure was just something for the young ones to get excited about, think again!


The silverbacks of the tribe have just as much – if not more – of a reason to embrace adventure and push themselves out of their comfort zones now and again!


Yes, it might feel like you’ve ‘been there, done that,’ but take it from us – there’s always something new to try or somewhere new to go. It’s a big ol’ world out there and you’re never too old to go out and discover it!

Here are five reasons why an adventure (like the sort you can find at Go Ape) is good for your health as you get older:


  1. You’ll get that blood pumping

It’s all too easy for physical activity to drop to the bottom of the to-do list; after all, that comfy sofa and latest boxset is oh-so appealing! But the effects of a sedentary lifestyle can really catch up with you. We don’t want to be downers but weight gain, heart disease, insomnia, aches and pains – these are all symptoms which can take hold if you don’t get that blood pumping. And there’s no better way to get your daily dose of exercise than by swinging through the trees or taking a stroll around a beautiful forest…


  1. You’ll be less stressed

Trying something new and taking adventure by the horns provides a massive mental boost. Suddenly, instead of stressing excessively about silly little things like who’s nicked your recycling bin, you’ve got amazing new experiences, challenges and achievements to fill your mind and energise you! It’s all about your perspective – and life looks rosy from the treetops!


  1. You’ll be happier

Adventure stimulates your mind and gets your body moving, so you can expect a boost in mood to follow as the endorphins let loose. Adventure might be nerve-wracking in the run up to the event, but the boost you’ll feel after tackling the challenge head-on will give you a buzz lasting for days!


LiveScience reported research that revealed people who enjoy life tend to maintain better physical function than those who don’t in daily activities as they age. Plus, the unhappiest people in the study were 80% more likely to develop impairments in daily functions. We know which tribe we’d rather belong to!


  1. You’ll sleep like a baby

You don’t get this far in this funny old journey called life without learning a thing or two along the way. So we imagine you’re pretty well-versed in the fact that fresh air and exercise helps you sleep better. An adventure in the great outdoors will have you sleeping soundly come nightfall – mark our words!


  1. You’ll boost your self-esteem

Whilst physical health is important, mental health shouldn’t be overlooked. Self-confidence and self-esteem can melt away if you don’t prove to yourself that you’re capable of trying new things every now and again. At Go Ape, we have a range of activities to suit all ages and abilities – the only limits are those you impose on yourself. And we’re there every step of the way to help you overcome those fears and get that boost you deserve!


We welcome all tribal elders to try our courses on for size! Give us a call today…we’re waiting!

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