Adventurous influencers to follow on social media!

We all know adventure is out there, but it can be hard to appreciate it when we’re wrapped up in our nine-to-five routines or slumped over our desks. Sometimes what we really need is a good ol’ kick of inspiration; something that makes us sit up, shout out and really breathe in our existence.

Back in the day, this could mean poring over the latest edition of National Geographic, but in this internet age we need look no further than our screens to see what the world has to offer!

Be it the snowy peaks of Tibet, the solemn volcanic coasts of Iceland or kitted-out campervans exploring the American Midwest, the internet holds a bounty of inspirational outings and adventures – all a few clicks away.

So the next time you feel that rut creeping up, have a browse of these incredible guys and gals and remember that the exciting, the incredible, the desirable and unforgettable are all closer than you think. However, as a disclaimer, we can’t take responsibility for the wanderlust you’re about to be filled with….

Jimmy Chin

OK, well this guy’s work is actually in the National Geographic – but for good reason! Jimmy Chin is an all-round adventurer. He’s a mountaineer, skier, director and athlete, and you’ll find him scaling desolate peaks to find the perfect shot and sleeping in tents pegged to cliff faces… definitely not one for the faint hearted!

Forrest Winants Smith

Here at Go Ape, anyone with ‘Forrest’ as a first name is good in our books, but this lover of nature and world-wanderer is a talented photographer in his own right. For people who have a soft spot for the green mountains and hidden wooden cabins of the Pacific North West, I’d look away now –because his Instagram will prove particularly testing…

Renan Ozturk

Click this way for adventurous scenes partnered with terrifically engaging writing! Renan is a film maker, climber and photographer for National Geographic, and her exploits are as entertaining and they are informative. Although we must warn you – some of her videos are more than just a little vertigo-inducing!

Lennart Pagel

You can find Lennart Pagel nestled in the mountains of Germany with a camera in hand and a heart full of adventure. Expect stunning scenes tinged with a gloomy, but romantic hue.

Theo Gosslin

Theo Gosslin’s photography can only be described as dreamlike. His are the kind of images that leave a real yearning in your heart and a belly full of fire. Youthful, authentic and unmistakably bohemian, if you can get through five of his photos without smiling, aching or wanting to quit your job – we salute you.

You needn’t run all the way to Alaska for adventure (although if you do, can we come too?!), because it can also be found within Britain’s brilliant shores. Whether you escape off to Scotland’s highlands or set your heart racing by swinging through the trees at Go Ape, what’s important is that you live life adventurously!

But until you’re on your way to your next big venture, remember that life is determined not by how you look, but how you see.

So today we’ll leave you with a call to get up, go outside and live by the words of the late, great explorer and spiritualist Alexandra David-Neel: “to the one who knows how to look and feel, every moment of this free and wandering life is an enchantment.”
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