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Discover Devon’s Top Attractions

Go Ape Haldon Forest Park

If you are planning a trip to Devon any time soon, no doubt you’ll be dreaming of strolls along beautiful, sandy beaches interspersed with stops for cream teas and the occasional glass of scrumpy cider – and quite rightly so. Devon is filled with stunning scenery (take your pick from five areas of Outstanding Beauty, two National Parks, and an impressive 200 miles of spectacular coastline) and is home to some truly delicious food (who can resist a cream tea?) for locals and tourists alike. But where do you go if you are looking for Devon’s top attractions? Read on and we’ll let you in on a few of the county’s best gems…

Powderham Castle, Kenton

One of England’s oldest family homes, you can marvel at the 600 years of history contained within Powderham Castle’s (really rather ancient) walls. Construction of the castle started in 1391 by Sir Philip Courtenay and over the years the many owners have met a variety of fates – including a few who’ve lost their heads. These days, things are a lot calmer and the castle is home to the 18th Earl of Devon – who has his head placed firmly on his shoulders.

Crealy Great Adventure Park, Exeter

From high-octane white-knuckle rides and water fun to indoor play areas and the chance to meet some super-friendly animals, there’s plenty to keep kids (and everyone young at heart) happy. You might want to discover the underwater world of Atlantis, explore the Jurassic Jungle by jeep or take a journey back in time on the Maximus rollercoaster. You’ll go from zero to hero in an instant.

The Anchor Inn, Cockwood

With so much coastline, you might want a menu to match. The Anchor Inn nestled in the harbour at Cockwood specializes in seafood and much more. Whether you’re after a bar snack, fancy the catch of the day or want to sit down to a full a la carte menu, the choice is yours. Plus, there could be a mystical charm to your meal because rumour has it that a friendly ghost and his dog haunt the Inn. You may be afraid, but at least you won’t be hungry…

Stuart Line Cruises, Exmouth

Whether it’s taking in the sights of the English Riviera, marvelling at the Jurassic coastline or reliving the area’s smuggling history, sailing the waters of South Devon is a great way to take in the sights. The family-run Stuart Line Cruises has been operating since 1968 and can give your trip a whole new perspective.Days Out in Devon - Go Ape Haldon Forest Park

Go Ape, Haldon Forest Park

Talking of different perspectives, let’s not forget Devon is also home to one of Go Ape’s dare-devil treetop adventures in Haldon Forest Park. Perhaps, not one of Devon’s best kept secrets, but well worth its place on the list, a visit here will give you a unique view of Dartmoor National Park as you whizz down zip wires, launch yourself off Tarzan swings, and take on the high ropes and crossings. Although, maybe leave the scrumpy drinking session till after your visit.

To find out more about places to go and things to do come rain or shine, check out

7 Things Ranulph Fiennes Has Taught Us

Ranulph Fiennes - Great British Explorers

Sir Ranulph Fiennes…what a hero!

He’s been dubbed the ‘world’s greatest living explorer‘ by Guinness Book of World Records and we couldn’t agree more. It’s fair to say he’s achieved quite a lot during his lifetime and, as he celebrates his 71st birthday on the 7th of March, we’re certain that retirement is still a long way away.

In fact, next month Sir Ranulph will attempt to complete the gruelling Marathon de Sables in Morocco, with the aim of raising £2.5 million for Marie Curie Cancer Care. Known as the ‘toughest footrace on Earth,’ the six-day ultramarathon will see participants running 156 miles across the Sahara desert in 50C heat. We can’t say we’re envious of him.

Sir Ranulph Fiennes is a true legend and there are many things we can all learn from Britain’s best-loved explorer…

1. Age doesn’t matter

You don’t need to be young to be adventurous! If Sir Ranulph has taught us anything, is that age is nothing but a number. Five years ago he became the oldest Brit to climb Mount Everest, and now he’s taking on a 156 mile marathon aged 75. So long as you’ve got that thirst for adventure, it will never go away.

2. The best adventures are shared adventures

Sir Ranulph has carried out many adventures with a partner in tow. He went on eight huge expeditions with his late wife to try and find the Lost City of Ubar. They found it in 1992, after beginning the search in 1968.

If you’re more of a lone adventurer, that’s OK too. But, there’s something great about sharing once-in-a-lifetime experiences with someone by your side.

3. Being adventurous inspires others

You can use your adventurous side to inspire others, whether they are your friends, family, or complete strangers. Sir Ranulph’s expeditions have inspired others to be more adventurous: rugby player Richard Parks, for example, has recently conquered the highest peaks in all the world’s continents and poles in record time. His inspiration? Sir Ranulph Fiennes.

4. Adventure is the best medicine

So, you’re feeling a little under the weather, you want to stay in bed this weekend and not go out. In 2003, Ranulph Fiennes ran seven marathons in seven days in seven continents – just three and a half months after a huge heart attack and a double bypass operation.

Instead of lying there feeling sorry for yourself, get out and do something – you’ll feel much better for it.

5. Being adventurous makes you interesting

It’s true. We can’t get enough of Sir Ranulph Fiennes. We watch him on TV, we listen to him on the radio, we read his books (of which he’s published more than 20). Traveling the world makes you interesting, there’s no doubt about it.

6. You can use your adventurous streak to do great things

After completing next month’s ultra-marathon, Sir Ranulph will hope to have raised a staggering £20 million for charity during his career. Why not use your adventurous side to do something that really makes a difference?

Check out Charity Choice for more ways to give back to your community.

7. Adventure makes you wise

You are guaranteed to learn many things during your travels, through the people you’ll meet, the places you’ll visit, and through your own personal experiences. You’ll learn a lot about life, but also a lot about yourself. In a recent interview, Sir Ranulph was asked what he’s learned during his travels and he replied: “God made people with two ears and one mouth, so you do a lot better if you listen before you open your mouth.” Hear, hear!

So, are you ready for your next adventure? Start this weekend by booking yourself a trip to one of our Go Ape tree-top courses!


Because You Are Her Greatest Adventure…


Mums. They’re brilliant, aren’t they? They’re always there for us, they’re caring, thoughtful, and their Sunday roasts are truly unbeatable.

On Sunday, 15th of March it’s Mother’s Day (write it in your diary). The day is a perfect opportunity to show your mum just how much you appreciate her and everything she does. It’s time to turn the tables and look after her for a change.

So, what have you got planned?

Don’t be one of those people that dashes to the shops late Saturday night to pick up a card and one of the last remaining bunch of flowers – your mum deserves more than that. Why not mix things up, do something different and make it a Mother’s Day to remember? Here are some suggestions:

Help with housework

Time to don a pair of dashing marigolds! Mums spend a lot of their time clearing up – and most of it isn’t even their mess. So, seeing as Sunday is the technically the day of rest, let your mum put her feet up while you take over the household duties.

Make an album

Tissues at the ready, please. Mums love keepsakes, so why not make her an album of all your memories together? Include photos of you and your mum through the years, from holidays, birthdays and other special events. You could also include memorabilia, like tickets from shows you saw together.

Use a few of the pages to write down some personal memories you have of your mum – be prepared for tears!

Spend quality time together

‘Flying visits’ are simply not allowed on Mother’s Day. Time is the greatest gift of all and your mum will love to spend some quality time with you. Cancel or rearrange any plans you’ve got and make the Sunday all about mum.

A surprise to rememberMother's Day With Go Ape

We all love surprises (well, most of us), so why not organise a surprise day out for your mum?

Perhaps you could go on a day trip to somewhere she’s always wanted to visit.Or, you could organise an experience for you both, like a cake decorating or chocolate making workshop.

For an experience your mum will never forget, why not take her up into the trees for a Go Ape adventure?!

Cook or bake

Instead of taking your mum out for a meal, why not make one for her instead? One thing mums have taught us is that nothing beats a bit of home cooking. If your kitchen skills leave a lot to be desired, stick to something simple – you could prepare a continental breakfast for your mum to enjoy in bed, or bake her a classic Victoria sponge.

For lunch, why not treat your mum to afternoon tea? Bake some scones and cakes and prepare a selection of sandwiches for you to share. How about a bottle (or two) of bubbly to make it extra special?

“Thank you”

Most importantly, don’t forget to say those two words: “thank you.

Celebrate Your Adventurous Side!

#CelebrateAdventure | Go Ape

Each and every one of us has an adventurous side. And if you’re sat there shaking your head, trust us – you do have an adventurous side, you just haven’t discovered it yet!

The dictionary definition of an adventure is an “exciting or unusual experience.” Being adventurous means that you regularly involve yourself in exciting and unusual experiences – you take risks, you enjoy trying new things, meeting new people and visiting new places. Being adventurous means living life to the full.

Of course, the Go Ape tribe are big on adventure. We thrive on it. Come discover why we’re celebrating adventure this spring.

For us, nothing beats getting outdoors and trying something new. It’s that pulse-pumping, ‘oh my gosh, what am I doing?’ kind of buzz you get from trying something for the first time. And once you develop that thirst for adventure, it’ll never go away.

With the weekend coming up, here are some ways you can get up, get out and celebrate your adventurous side!

Hit the road

Being adventurous is all about being spontaneous. So, round-up a few friends, pack a picnic and embark on a random road trip. Don’t plan, just drive! By not having a destination, you’ll discover new and intriguing places to explore. Just don’t forget to pack the sat nav for the journey home.

Make friends

Meeting new people will open the doors to plenty of new experiences and adventures. This weekend, make a conscious effort to talk to someone new. It may be the woman who sells you your morning paper, a neighbour, or someone at your yoga club. Many people feel nervous meeting new people for the first time but remember, even your closest friends were strangers once.

Embrace the present

“I’ll learn a new language next year,” “I’ll start writing a blog next month,” “I might try that new restaurant next week.” Stop! You need to start living life in the present, which means replacing ‘next year,’ ‘next month’ and ‘next week’ with ‘today’!

Scare yourself

This weekend, plan or do something that takes you out of your comfort zone. It doesn’t need to involve extreme sports such as sky diving, bungee jumping or white water rafting; it can be something much simpler such as singing karaoke with a mate on Saturday night, watching a scary film, or finally asking that one person out for a drink.

Go Ape

Of course, this list would be incomplete without mentioning Go Ape. Celebrate your adventurous side by unleashing your inner Tarzan at one of our tree-top courses! It may your first time there, you may be looking to conquer your fear of heights, or meet some new people. Whatever your reason, a trip to Go Ape is a great way to celebrate your adventurous side!

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