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Our Wish List Of Adventure Gadgets!

Back when we were kids, the authentic camping experience used to mean cold beans eaten straight from the tin (yum). It meant rain seeping through the tent and dripping on our heads. It meant blisters on our feet.

But times have changed and these days, there are gadgets out there to solve all those niggling issues that crop up when you spend time in the great outdoors! And that means you can have your adventure without worrying about anything except the fresh air in your lungs and the rugged path beneath your feet. Bliss.

Here at Go Ape, we’re the very definition of outdoorsy types. So we’ve made a wish list of the gadgets and gizmos that we want to take with us on our next adventure. Here it is…

Knottology Survival Kit Bracelets Knottology

Sometimes it’s not cutting-edge technology that saves the day, but a little helping hand from low-tech. The Knottology Survival Kit Bracelet is designed to help accompany you through the wilderness. You create your own bracelet using modular units, for example, a LED flashlight, whistle and storage compartment, which could contain things like iodine tablets or flint. Even the band itself has a variety of uses as it doubles as a cord! We’re impressed.



Sawyer Mini Water Filtration SystemThe Sawyer Mini – drink in the sights

Water. It keeps us alive and makes up 60% of our bodies – which is why we can’t rave enough about the Sawyer Mini, which lets you drink safely from nearly any water source. Weighing just two ounces, it can let you drink up to 100,000 gallons of water. So drink from puddles, sip from lakes – this water cleaning device will help keep you hydrated in the wild.



The Trillium Hammock – sleep in the fresh airTrillium Hammock

When it comes to tents, we’re particularly fussy campers. But the Trillium Hammock is one of the coolest things we’ve ever laid eyes on. Find trees, attach to trees and go, this triple hammock lets you levitate above the ground while you sleep, protected from the rain by a shelter above. We wouldn’t recommend it for heavy storms, but this would be the perfect tent to enjoy a mild spring evening in.



Olympus OM-D E-M5

Olympus OM-D E-M5 – capture memories

When we’re out and about, we love to take high-quality pictures. But we also live in fear that we might damage our cameras. The Olympus OM-D E-M5 is a sturdy, weatherproof camera that takes quality images too. It can take 16.1 megapixel pictures and supports 1080 video recording. So if you’re partial to a good outdoor adventure and prone to the occasional accidental drop, this could be the camera for you.


Biolite Campstove 2BioLite CampStove 2 – keep warm

After a long day of walking, climbing and everything else you can get up to in the forest, making a fire to cook your dinner is probably the last thing on your mind. Which is why we absolutely adore the BioLite CampStove 2. This nifty smokeless cooker has a heat-driven USB so can charge your gadgets while you eat. Not that you can get signal, mind. This second edition has 50% more power which means you don’t have to worry about it running out anytime soon.



Although the great outdoors is our favourite place to be, that doesn’t mean that it’s not helpful to have some gadgets in-hand to make our adventure that little more amiable. What’s on your wish list of adventure gizmos? Tell us below and we will try and add it to our next wish list post …

Special Guest blog post from 73 Year Old Silverback Frances Butcher

Go Ape Frances Hero
Find out about silverback grandmother Frances and her trip to Go Ape with her ‘Little Monkeys’ …

I tend to think of the grandchildren as ‘Little Monkeys’ (in the nicest possible way) but I recently found my inner-ape. The invitation to join my daughter and her two children on the Go Ape challenge at Thetford Forest filled me with excitement. Then I looked at the website and the excitement turned to trepidation, but I was determined not to show cowardice in front of anyone, let alone a 6-year old.

Go Ape Frances 4 Border

On the appointed day we arrived in time for a picnic lunch and a review of the course from ground level, and it almost looked too easy. So I donned the harness and rushed to the start point. From 8 metres up in the trees it then didn’t look quite so easy, but I wasn’t going to admit that, even to myself.

Go Ape Frances 2 Border

I was amazed to find what fun it was crossing between trees on swinging pathways of various ingenious designs; clinging on to a cargo net, and walking over a suspension bridge of logs. The one challenge that I found mentally difficult was the balance log. Just a bare log between one tree and the next. But as there were people in front and behind me I told myself I just had to do it, and fortunately I did without resorting to the need to sit on it and shuffle along!

Go Ape Frances 1 Border

The best part though was the zip wire – hurtling through the air at high speed (or so it seemed). It was all over far too quickly. Did I find it difficult at my age? Not really, but as the course was rightly designed for children the height of some things meant I needed to stoop a little, but the biggest problem was that my large feet caught on things like the netting.

I would recommend anyone of any age to ‘have a go’ if they fancy it. I thoroughly enjoyed it, hope I didn’t embarrass my grandchildren, and may even do it again.

Want to try Go Ape? Find your nearest location here.

Meet Steve … the 67 year old adventurer!

Go Ape Crawley

If you’ve been to Go Ape Crawley in Tilgate Park recently, you may have been in the presence of Go Ape history. Our oldest (and wisest) instructor ever has returned for his second season – 67 year old Steve Allen! Steve is waving the flag for all adventurous sexagenarians (that’s a person who’s between 60 and 69 in case you’re wondering), proving that adventure knows no age.

Where it all began

We were lucky enough to have Steve join our Tribe in 2016, but we’d like to think that a life in the trees was always calling for him. Steve started out in stage management – not very Go Ape we hear you say, but hear us out… his main duty was scenery building which included an awful lot of forests. We’d like to think he’s always had a penchant for trees. From painting trees to swinging through them

Our Steve took to the outdoors like a fish to water (or a monkey to the trees). An outdoorsy man at heart, Steve always had the itch to be ‘in the wild’. It wasn’t long before Steve left the stage management business and jumped into the world of walking holidays – a job that took him all over the world, working alongside people from all walks of life (get it?). Steve has led the way on too many excursions to mention – he’s worked with the Duke of Edinburgh programme and has even walked from the UK to Cuba.Sunlight-through-the-trees-at-Go-Ape-Crawley

What made him swing our way?

We’re lucky as can be to have Steve in our Tribe – but how did we manage that? A simple email from an outdoor jobs company set Steve on his track to the trees. He acknowledges a few simple reasons for his attraction to Go Ape:

1) Steve was looking for an outdoor company to keep the adventure in adventure

2) Steve shared the same values as Go Ape

3) Steve was impressed that Go Ape didn’t ask for his age on the job application (we know you can’t put an age limit on an adventurous spirit)

The rest, as they say, is history. We’re happier than a chimp in woodchip to have someone like Steve monkeying around with us. We only hope that Steve can encourage other grown-ups (or Silverbacks) to get outside and experience Go Ape for themselves.

We’ll leave you with these words of inspiration from the man himself: “Keep going. Keep living life adventurously, and most importantly, keep enjoying yourself!”

If you’re interested in experiencing Go Ape at Crawley (and maybe catching a glimpse of the celebrity, Steve), you can book your day out here!

Keeping up with…Go Ape!

Students Offers

Now, as you probably know, the Go Ape tribe are all about the great outdoors. We like to spend as much time as possible outside, away from the confines of walls and ceilings, totally surrounded by nature.

Those who work on our courses are lucky to be outside mostly all day long, while our office-based BananaHQ tribe find any excuse to stretch their legs in the great outdoors, swinging by our courses on a regular basis.

In the past, we’ve preached about disconnecting from tech, and reconnecting with the wonderful, natural world around us. But at the same time, we know how important tech is for keeping in touch with family and friends, and staying up-to-date with all that’s going on in the world. We don’t think tech is the devil, we just think it’s important to take breaks and strike a healthy balance!

Besides, if we didn’t have tech, just how would our lovely customers keep up with what’s going on in our neck of the woods? We’re a busy bunch, and love sharing our most recent adventures with you – like our brand new course opening at London’s infamous Ally Pally!

Also, our social channels provide a platform for you to share your Go Ape adventures with us! We love seeing pics of your time in the treetops, and vids of you on-board our Forest Segways. And it’s great to read your feedback, too – it lets us know what we’re doing well, and where we can improve!

And the thing is, by sharing your adventures on our social channels, you’re giving us a helping hand at succeeding in our mission – which is, to encourage others to live life more adventurously! When people see pics of others swinging through the trees Tarzan-style, wearing huge smiles, all of a sudden they want to embrace the great outdoors and have a go themselves.

There are many ways to stay up-to-date with all the goings-on at Go Ape, such as:

Twitter – @GoApeTribe

Check here for weekly Monday motivation posts, forest footage, competition details, vacancies and much more!

YouTube – GoApeTribe

A compilation of tree-mendous clips of the tribe in action at courses across the UK. If you’re yet to swing through the trees at Go Ape, you might find the ‘Perfect Your Style’ series useful, which shares insider tips on how to tackle some of our sky-high obstacles.

Instagram – @goapetribe

Must. Resist. Filter. A scrapbook of postcard-perfect pics from our sites, along with a handful of short clips.

Facebook – GoApeTribe

A mixture of everything, from competitions and course updates to snaps, vids and links to our latest blog posts! We’d include a link to our blog here, but you’re reading this article – so we guess you’ve already found it!

Or if you would like to get away from your screens come catch up with us in person

Find An Adventure – Visit Go Ape

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