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Fancy dress…we’re impressed!


Love to dress up? We certainly do!

If you visit Go Ape and spot a gorilla roaming the forest floor, run for your life! No, don’t really. The great ape is no great ape at all – just one of the Go Ape tribe monkeying (or shall we say, ape-ing?) around!

Our Tree Top Adventure courses are tonnes of fun (if we do say so ourselves). But do you know what makes them even more fun? Fancy dress!

Provided your clobber lets you easily navigate the obstacles, we strongly encourage rocking up to the forest dressed to impress. And if you’re visiting us to celebrate a birthday, stag or hen do, donning fancy dress will make your experience even more memorable!

Sound good? Here are some snaps to inspire you…

Fancy dress 1

These lads and ladies are looking particularly spectacular in Alice in Wonderland attire. Our gorilla pal gives his seal of approval, too. Fancy dress 2

A marvellous mixture of brightly-coloured costumes. These comic book heroes and villains look awesome – just imagine their capes flapping in the wind as they soar through the air via zip wire!

Fancy dress 3

Spiderman in action – and looking ultra-confident as he confronts the stirrups, one of Go Ape’s trickiest obstacles. But hey, it’s Spiderman; he could probably do it blindfolded (now that’s something we’d like to see!).

Fancy dress 4

Hurrah! Looks like Little Bo Peep has found her sheep who went walkabouts in the treetops! Baa-d sheep!

These are just a few fancy dress ideas to get you started – the possibilities really are endless! Come dressed as your favourite animal, singer, or movie character. Dress like the birthday girl or boy; or challenge one another to scour charity shops and buy the most outlandish outfits you can find. Just make sure you wear shoes suitable for trailblazing and canopy exploring!

Oh, and one more thing: make sure you take lots of pictures of you and your tribe in get-up! It’ll give you all a sacred memento to stick on the fridge door and remind you of your Go Ape adventure! And if you do take lots of snaps, don’t forget to share them with us via our social channels – who knows, you may help to inspire the next stag, hen or birthday bunch that swings with us!

London’s calling, meet Alexandra Palace (Ally Pally)!

Go Ape Ally Pally Blog
Go Ape has landed at Alexandra Palace. This latest addition is our 31st UK site, and we think it’s going to be a corker (they do say your thirties are even happier than your twenties).

Our Tree Top Junior course is prepped and ready to go for the big launch on Saturday 18 March; the park’s centuries-old oaks will soon be ringing with the sound of chattering monkeys.

Ally Pally’s Tree Top Junior course brings that up to 19 across the UK – find out about the others here.

Ally Pally will also be the first site to feature our QuickJump Freefall activity, opening as part of our Tree Top Adventure course this summer.

And although we obviously consider ourselves Ally Pally’s star attraction, we’re really just the gem in an already impressively blinged-up crown.

Once you’ve finished swinging through the trees, you can while away the day in the onsite skate park, pitch and putt, Segway rally or year-round ice-rink. There’s also a boating lake and Farmers Market. And once you’re pooped out, you can stuff yourself silly in one of the cafés or grab a drink at the bar.

I know – we didn’t realise Ally Pally was such a hive of activity, either. Here are 4 other things you might not know about the iconic site:

  1. The Palace was opened in 1873 to celebrate Queen Victoria’s birthday. However, it was destroyed by fire just 16 days later. Let’s hope our shiny new course has better luck!
  2. It played a pretty important role in both World Wars. In WW1 the Bijou Theatre was used as a hospital for Belgian refugees, and the grounds as an internment camp for captured enemy soldiers. In WW2, although television broadcasts had been suspended, the BBC transmitters at Alexandra Palace were used in secret to jam the radio signals of German pilots.
  3. Outside of the war years, the Palace and its grounds have had lots of other surprising functions, including as a venue for the 1908 London Olympics, in which the Alexandra Palace Rifle Society went on to win gold, silver and bronze medals for the UK. The grounds also used to feature a popular horse racecourse, colloquially known as the ‘Frying Pan’.
  4. The Park has a whopping 196 acres to explore. We’ll pack our sensible shoes.
  5. Nowadays they host events to suit all personalities and penchants. Upcoming gigs include a festival of railway modelling, tattoo show, and the Maccabees farewell concert. Imagine what that would look like combined?

Amazing. See you there?Go-Ape-Tree-Top-Adventure-Family-Gift-Ideas

The park is within a 40-minute walk of 7 tube and railway stations, or if you’re saving all your energy for the course, the W3 bus drops you off at the Palm Court entrance and the 184 stops at Alexandra Palace Station. Easy peasy.
So, here’s to our new friend Ally Pally – we’re a match made in heaven.

Need a little inspiration?

Forest Segway At Go Ape

With summer holiday season drawing to a close (*wipes tear*), there couldn’t be a better time to embark on an exciting adventure with your tribe!

There’s so much to see, do and experience, that it can be difficult making a decision. So, if you’re itching for an adventure but need a little inspiration, let Go Ape help!

One thing’s for certain: you need to head outdoors for your next adventure. Why? Well, in just a few weeks’ time it’ll be autumn, and although autumn is an awesome season (in our opinion), the days will get shorter and colder. You’ll be back in the office and your little monkeys will be back in the classroom, so you need to make the most of the great outdoors while summer’s still here!

So, what to do? Well, this time around, why not try something you’ve never tried before?

Get lost in a place you’ve always wanted to visit, whether that’s up a mountain, out in the countryside, or in the heart of a city.

You could buck up the courage to try something extreme – hurl yourself out of a plane with a parachute attached, leap off a platform tied to a bungee, or explore the deep, dark depths of the ocean on a scuba diving adventure.

How about re-connecting with nature? Forage in the forest for parts to build a den, find some hidden treasures on a Geocaching adventure, or pack-up your tent and spend a night or two under a star-speckled sky.


Sharing is caring, right? If you head to our #ShareAdventure site, you’ll be able to read all about the amazing things people have been getting up to lately, with pics for proof! From raft building and biking gnarly trails, to wildlife spotting in the Peak District and swimming with sharks in Scotland – the site has all adventures covered!

Do you know what the great thing about #ShareAdventure is? You might discover adventures you would have never thought of! You might feel inspired to head outdoors and recreate those adventures, or get out there and embark on an utterly unique adventure of your own!

We had one aim when we created #ShareAdventure: to inspire others to live life more adventurously (the Go Ape motto, if you didn’t know). We believe that all adventures – whether they are big or small, weird or wonderful – are worth sharing with the world. And we hope that by sharing these stories, people will realise that a life lived adventurously is a life better lived!

If you’re inspired by a particular adventure on the site, why not share it with the world – or at least, your friends, family and colleagues? All you need to do is enter your name and email address, and choose where to share. There are some awesome goodies up for grabs, including free Go Ape tickets, plus Go Ape tees, hoodies and other bits and bobs!

Ready for one last adventure this summer?

Take the First Step - Go Ape

They’re here the final few days of fun and freedom!

It’s back to reality next week as the summer holidays draw to a close. Kids will be back in the classroom ready to begin a new school year, while adults will be heading back to the office after a well-earned break.

What did you get up to this summer? Did you explore new places? Did you meet new people? Did you try something you’ve never tried before?

Go Ape Tree Top JuniorWe’ve had an awesome summer at Go Ape.

It’s certainly been a busy one, full of forest-themed fun and adventure! We’ve had a good catch up with long-standing Go Ape-rs, and we’ve welcomed many new friendly faces to the forest too! For us, nothing beats seeing peoples Cheshire cat grins as they embark on their very first Tree Top Adventure.

Its only right that we see summer off in style, don’t you agree?  Its time to give summer one last hurrah!

If you are yet to explore new places, meet new people, or try something you’ve never tried before, now’s your chance! Make the very most of it! This balmy weather isn’t going to be around forever.

So, what should you do? Well, you’ve got a lot of options.

In fact, there’s an endless list of things you can do that involve adventure this weekend. You could

– Go wild running in the countryside

– Dust your mountain bike off and hit some trails

– Get lost in a city you’ve never visited before

– Pitch-up somewhere off the beaten track

– Try something extreme you’ve always fancied skydiving, right?

– Hike to the top of a mountain and soak up the view

– Ride the water, whether its on a surfboard, sailboat, kayak or paddleboard

– Swim in the sea as the sunrises or sets

We’ve got one more idea: Go Ape!

Round up the tribe and come unleash your inner Tarzans at one of our 30 courses dotted across the UK. If you’ve never swung with us before, then prepare for an adventure like no other. You’ll head up high into the trees, where you’ll be greeted by a whole host of obstacles. You’ll cross bridges, crawl through tunnels, balance on tight ropes, leap off platforms and whizz down zip wires!

Monkey around in the forest at Go Ape – we recommend booking in advance to avoid disappointment. See you soon!

Book now!

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