Graham and Sharon take on the Via Francigena

graham and sharon via francigena

Leeds Castle site manager, Graham celebrated his 10th anniversary at Go Ape by taking on his biggest adventure to date – walking the Via Francigena with his wife Sharon.


What is the Via Francigena?

The Via Francigena is the name of an ancient route running from France to Rome. It is believed to have been a religious pilgrimage, and for those starting it from the UK – it all begins in the city of Canterbury.

via francigena map

How long will it take?

The journey is a total of 1200 miles and covers parts of France, Italy and Switzerland. The couple set off on the 23rd June, the pilgrimage is likely to take around 4 months. It will require around 8-10 hours of walking per day and camping out under the stars (and likely, rain) at night.


Tracking their progress

The first part of the couple’s journey started from Canterbury, where the pilgrimage was said to have begun, and onward to Dover. They covered 22 miles in one day then caught the ferry from Dover to Calais.

So far, the couple have visited Calais, Guines, Reims and Lausanne to name just a few beautiful European cities. To paraphrase Ringo Starr – “they’ve got blistered on their toes!”

gaz and shaz adventure

Follow their adventure

If you would like to keep up to date with the pilgrimage of Graham and Sharon from Canterbury to Rome, you can follow each footstep via their blog