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Nets Kingdom Through The Eyes Of Scarlett, Aged 7

Scarlett Nets Kingdom

The launch of our new adventure Nets Kingdom saw Scarlett, aged 7, join us to try out our latest venture

Below is an account of her adventure in her own words and by the sounds of it she had a great time …

“When I first saw it

I felt scared and not confident as I am scared of high places and I am only seven years old. The very first net was just a bit tricky and bouncy I was so scared at first but then I tried a big bouncy slope entrance which led to a big bouncy bit and then some nets to go to a treehouse. I had a bit more grip and strength on it. My mum went on for one and a half hours then I joined her. She got off and I stayed on because I was brave and I wanted to explore.

Fun stuff

It felt epic awesome and good after getting going. I liked the tree houses the best! The walk way nets were very slanted at the end. The wind was blowing very strong. Also, the treehouse had nothing in it and its very beautiful, it needs stuff to put in it like rugs or carpets, a mini table a lamp or a stash of toys to make it cosy if its windy. When I went in the big bit there was no people on it so I got it to myself. I went down the slide very fast I got filmed going down the slide. I thought the nets were epic and I also think that children of all different ages could go on. You need this information for if you go on, you can be 1 and up, you can go on even if you’re elderly.



How long I stayed on for

I stayed on for four hours. My brother Jack stayed on longer because I was scared at the beginning. My Mum was on with my brother. I guess that you’re wondering who I stayed with. I stayed with a lady called…Linda she got me a Fanta and a rocky road with marshmallows on top. I had a great time! I would like to stay on for hours!”

Well there you have it, Scarlett approves and so do we …
If you fancy having a bounce around our expansive network of tree top trampolines you can you can find out more here!

Get Ahead For The Summer Bank Holiday

Wintry Weekends at Go Ape

At last, there’s another bank holiday coming up for us all to look forward to!


This weekend will be an extra-long one, with many of us being treated to a paid-for day off work on Monday, 28th August. It’s about time – we haven’t had a bank hol since the end of May, after all!


…Oh, and there won’t be another bank holiday until (dare we say it?) Christmas! So, that’s why it’s mega important you make the most of it. And to do that, you need to plan, plan, plan! Here’s how we think you should go about it (forgive the festive feel, we just couldn’t resist):


We’re making a list…


You’d be surprised at how much adventure you can cram into a three-day weekend! So to make the most of it, grab a pen and scribble down a list of things you’d like to do. Don’t worry if you get carried away and the list turns out to be super-long – if you don’t get round to doing everything, you can turn to that piece of paper the next time you’re pondering what to do!


Fancy camping out under the stars one night? Itching to get into the sea to surf, swim or wakeboard? Do you dare to do something…daredevil? How about running rampage in the canopy with your tribe at Go Ape!? Prioritise your must-dos by putting them at the top of the list.


We’re checking it twice…


So, you’ve written a long list of things you want to see, do and experience. Now, top it up with a few, unusual activities. These might not immediately spring to mind, so rely on the good ol’ internet for some inspiration. Or, here are some ideas:


  • Book a one-day wild foraging course
  • Laugh ‘til you’re blue in the face at a comedy night
  • Hang out with some alpacas at The Lakes Distillery near Keswick, Cumbria
  • Marvel at the Mods at the Isle of Wight International Scooter Rally
  • Learn to catch a carp from an experienced fisherman
  • Have a lesson in chocolate making (you get to take home whatever you make = bonus!)


As well as researching some unique ideas, ask your tribe if they have any suggestions for activities. If you quite like the sound of them, put them at the top of your list, as we all know the best adventures are shared adventures!


We’re gonna find out what adventures are nice…


You’ve done the hard work…now, to have some fun! Don’t wait about – if things need booking, book them pronto to avoid disappointment (particularly considering it’s a bank holiday weekend). If Go Ape is on your list (which we sincerely hope so), then you can choose to swing with us by embarking on a Tree Top Adventure, roll with us aboard our Forest Segways, zip endlessly on our Zip Trekking Adventure, or (brand new for 2017) hang out in our mighty Nets Kingdom!


You’ve got plenty of tree-mendous options – perhaps gather your tribe together and agree on one (or two!) activities you all like the sound of most. We hope to see you in the forest very, very soon!

How does it feel to…embark on a TTJ?

Share Adventure with Go Ape

School’s officially out for summer (hurrah!) and we’re now a good few weeks into those lovely, long holidays.


But every year, the same thing happens: parents plan heaps of activities for their kids for the first half of the hols, but after that they start to struggle a little for ideas. You’ve been camping, taken many a trip to park, hosted multiple sleepovers and built numerous dens (inside and outside). So, now what? What fun thing can you plan for your little ones to avoid hearing the one phrase all parents dread most: “I’m boorrreeed!”?


…We’ve got the answer: book a Tree Top Junior adventure at Go Ape! Your little ones will be in their element as they take to the canopy, ready and raring to tackle a course full of fantastically-fun obstacles. They’ll crawl through bridges, clamber up nets, wobble across bridges, swing on ropes and whoosh through the air via zip wire!


A Tree Top Junior is the ultimate school holiday activity and you’ll be the best parents EVER when you tell your kids what you’ve arranged for them! Or, why not make it a surprise, leaving it until you arrive at the forest before the big reveal!?


If you’re feeling up to it, you’re able to join in the fun and head up into the canopy with your mini Tarzans! The course is set-up for smaller folk, but you’ll still have a great time. Don’t fancy that? Well, you can simply watch from the forest floor with camera in hand!


We could go on about how awesome our Tree Top Juniors are for little monkeys, but we realise that we’ll sound a little big-headed. So instead, we made a video diary of a family who recently came to hang with us, so that you can hear it straight from the monkey’s mouth!


Every other week during the summer we’ll be sharing a video where we put some questions to our lovely, loyal Go Ape-rs! The Adventure Tales chronicles the experiences, thoughts and experiences of a tribe after they embarked on a Go Ape adventure!


So, without further ado, listen to what this Dad and his two little monkeys had to say about their Tree Top Junior adventure…

Did you get involved in The Big Canopy Campout?

The Big Canopy Campout
Last weekend, thousands of revellers descended on Somerset to attend one of the world’€™s biggest and best festivals: Glastonbury. At the same time, thousands of others were pitching their tents for an entirely different reason: to save the rainforest!

On the 24th of June, The Big Canopy Campout (TBCC) saw canopy and climbing communities from across the world unite to spend the night in the treetops and under the stars. The event aimed to raise funds to help the World Land Trust purchase and protect critically threatened rainforest in Borneo.

That night, Twitter went wild with people sharing pictures and videos of the campouts using #TheBigCanopyCampout hashtag. Some set up in the canopy (mainly the pros), while others chose to camp on the ground surrounded by wonderful woodland.

Our fave story came from none other than the Planet Earth filmmakers, who spent the night in tents suspended from the roof of the Eden Project in Cornwall!

The crew’€™s illuminated tents were suspended over the tropical canopy, with rope access professionals joining them for the night. Before dusk set in, the team spent some time chatting with visitors about their work, helping to spread awareness of TBCC.

Speaking of the Eden campout, TBCC founder John Pike said: Having spent years climbing in the world’€™s rainforests we’€™re all very excited to have the incredible opportunity to sleep high above the canopy of the world’€™s largest enclosed rainforest at Eden.

The Big Canopy Campout is about exciting, educating and inspiring people about rainforests so we thought Eden was the perfect place to coordinate this global event,€ he added.

The funds raised from the event will help to safeguard Borneo’s precious rainforests through the Saving Kinabatangan appeal. This initiative aims to purchase and protect a key stretch of rainforest adjacent to the Pangi Virgin Jungle Reserve. These areas offer vital connectivity to the Kinabatangan River for highly threatened species such as the Bornean orangutan, pygmy elephant, proboscis monkey, helmeted hornbill and Sunda pangolin.

John finished by saying: €œRainforests are under threat, partly because people aren’t able to experience them for themselves. The canopy environment is an amazing place and climbing in the canopy can change people’€™s lives, giving them a completely different view of what rainforests are and why they’€™re important.

We’€™re glad to hear that the event was a resounding success, and if you have any pics or vids of your weekend campout, then please share them with us (and don’€™t forget to use #TheBigCanopyCampout hashtag!).

Here are some photos from our sites!

See what else we are getting up to this summer here.
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